Small diapers?

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So recently I've been wearing more and more and I'm realizing that medium diapers in the Bambino Bellissimo and the Cushies are to big in the gusset area. Waist is alright but because they're so big when I wet and they bunch up I have major leakage around the insides of my legs. Goodnites L-XL fit me perfectly in all aspects but I'd really like something that's more absorbent. I'm not interested in baby diapers.

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?
I'm a big fan of Tenas. They seem to spread the moisture out well. I've heard Abenas work well, too.
I too find the Bellissimos a bit big on me, but I didn't have any leaks. A few possibilities I could think of are that the diaper wasn't secure high enough, or tight enough, or (most improbably) you might just be too small for them. I have a 26" waist, and I had it secure about half an inch above my belly-button, and the top tapes were at least an inch from touching each other. (I know, I'm quite thin.)

As far as more absorbent diapers are concerned, you would definitely want to look into adult diapers; training pants don't get too much more absorbent than GoodNites. Unfortunately, AB-specific diapers don't come in size small. You should look for a high-quality brand, like Tena Slip, Abena, Dry 24/7, etc. My personal favorite is Molicare Super Plus. You'd have to try them out for yourself to find the right one for you.
I really really love Abena S4s. If you really really want Plastic, Tena Slip Maxi come in small, and so do Molicares. Abena S4s are fairly cheap, so I'd recommend those. They're like $23 for a pack of 22 on Amazon.
I would consider trying to not flood when you wet. I've also had problems with Bambinos as well. It seems that they just leak in the crotch at the back of the legs. It seems that something in that area is resisting wicking the fluid. It just doesn't wick enough at all.

I've been wearing Dry 24/7 as of late. They've been good for me. Their mediums are BIG compared to Bambino's and medium size. Their small should fit you perfectly. They are probably the best Small size diaper you'll find here in the states, at least.

I can usually put a good amount into it and it'll last me 8 hours.
Thanks for all of the feedback! Greatly appreciated.

Does anyone have experience with using stuffers in diapers? If so, which ones?
tape the lowers snugly around your legs (not inward toward each other in the front) to reduce the chances of an "under the butt cheek leak" when laying on your back. (there's little to be done to save you when sitting though)
I am small too. I am under 100 lbs. I wear medium diapers so the stuffers have more room. I use Gerber or Rearz prefolds. I just fold the thinner sides under the thicker padding part and it stays snug against me and distibutes fluid better. Each one holds maybe half a cup. I use 2 at a time. I use with Tena mostly. Never tried a Bambino. I just got in a pack of Abena M3 so will be trying them with cloth boosters soon as well.
If you're just on the edge of a medium being too big, the dry 24/7 small is amazing. Otherwise, there are very few options when it comes to smaller sized diapers. Molicare and tena still make plastic backed smalls that are decent, abena makes a cloth backed small that absolutely sucks compared to their plastic backed small that was discontinued.

Chances are though that if your only complaint is leaks, you might just be taping it wrong. I'm pretty small with a 28 inch waist and 32 inch hips, and I can make mediums work just fine (I've even made larges work just fine, which is why I suspect a taping issue). I generally do it standing up, tape the top tapes first, then stand with my legs apart and stretch the leg openings as far down my leg as possibly before doing the bottom tapes. Then stand up normally and scoot the leg openings back up my leg, making sure that the diaper folds into a V shape in the middle.

If you want me to expand on the taping method, let me know. It's kind of hard to summarize in text. I keep thinking of trying to make an illustrated guide or video or something but never got around to it.
Small Molicares?
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