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I have a small business on Etsy. I am constantly advertising my stuff on social media & I'm joking a bunch of small business groups & posting on there, but I'm not getting any sales. There is a business thing on Etsy on SEO which is basically optimizing your listings by what titles & tags you use. You're supposed to out in things that the user is likely to type in to find your product. I do that by finding similiar things on Etsy, looking at the star seller, & use their titles as an example to build my titles.
I really want to build a business for myself & be my own boss. That's my dream. I want to be successful, but I don't see what I'm doing wrong. I think I have a large variety of designs that people would love, but nobody is buying. I even am running a sale on most of my shirts.
I'm trying not to lose hope. I have to keep trying, but it just gets me that I see other small businesses where I think their product representation is so much worse, but somehow get sales with a price even more expensive than mine.
Here is my shop for reference:
To be blunt, the bar for entry into the whole on-demand printed stuff is so low and there are so many people trying it, the chance for real success is only just slightly above zero.
I mean good luck, but I think if you want to get anywhere, you need to be making something that can't just be done with a cafepress/printify/etc account.
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What @BoundCoder said.
If you want to be a business (in the small business sense, you have to be it, not just have it), you have to diversify, with minimal outlay.
Keep track of trends and fads to which you can apply your skills and existing technology. Learn free skills (there are many which have been lost by most during the past 7 decades of consumerism), eg: leather-working, dressmaking, tapestry, etc.
And don't forget that you're competing with a wily China Inc., so pick your battles.

Many business-people wind up successfully involved in products and services which they'd never dreamt of in their early days, just by having had to take any work or opportunity to fund their [now forsaken] earlier dreams.
(Although, now's probably not the best time for an 'American Balloon Tours' kind of thing).
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