Små grordina, små grodrina, sorry can't spell!

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The song is Swedish and translates to little frogs I think, it's a medsommar song, and today was medsommar but since my parents don't celebrate I decided to since I am proud to be part Swedish. I have made a flower crown and it looks fab #swedish medsommarimage.jpg det var kul! (That was fun) #proud to have Swedish inheritance, I needed to cheer myself up anyway, btw my mom seems to be getting better thanks to me praying for her.

It's a crazy festival but I like it because it's silly, I had some music on as well, swedish and some English, got myself a cream and strawberry bun and some sour cream Pringles. I couldn't cook a traditional Swedish meal but I do wish I had someone to celebrate with especially in Sweden. Oh, well I made the most of it as I could. Definatly will celebrate next year!
Små grodorna, små grodorna är lustiga att se.
Små grodorna, små grodorna är lustiga att se.
Ej öron, ej öron, ej svansar hava de.
Ej öron, ej öron, ej svansar hava de.

This tune actually have its herritage from an old french military marching song.

Neat crown. It is called a krans in Swedish.

/edit It's called Midsommar, not medsommar
I was tired when I wrote this and my spelling detiriated badly at that time.

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Hoppla, hoppla - glad midsommar på er, lite i efterhand *fniss*

and to those of you who dont speak swedish: happy midsummer :grouphug:
Thank you for sharing.

This is what makes ADISC so special.

I have never heard of this. I do know that it is the feast of John the Baptist. But it is the other cultural traditions that are interesting when you hear about it.

Name one other place that this kind of discussion can happen with out hate speak coming into the picture?

I need to learn more Swedish because Sweden rocks!

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My parents didn't teach me for some reason
Ya, Ya, ya betcha!

You won't be betching at me!

Happily Norsk on this fine "Midtsommer"!
This sounds like a fun holiday, if anyone ever needs recipes or instructions on how to cook something, let me know. I'm a Chef so I'll be more than happy to do so
I will get a little more into it when I am out of my place WHEN I feel ready! Yes, it IS fun!!
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