Slept padded - Awesomeness!

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Just had to share this somewhere sorry guys haha.

I've never really been particularly active on here, but that may change now I am getting back into nappies again, nothing too fancy - Boots Stay Dry.

I managed to actually sleep in a nappy last night, I woke up a few times through the night, as I usually do and wet a little each time. Really relaxing not needing to worry about getting up!

I've been really grumpy recently but when I woke up this morning I felt refreshed, awake and in a good mood! I lay in bed and messed for the first time to save getting up, which was amazing also... But my nappy was beginning to suffer.

Jumped in the shower and walked the dogs and now relaxing having a vape, still in an abnormally good mood?!

But yeah, enough of my ramblings. Main reason for the post is does this happen to anyone else after a night padded? Won't really apply to 24/7 padded peeps I guess though.

Just wondering if it was a coincidence? Gonna try again soon and see if a pattern is established.

Now, this truely is the end of my excited rambling post, over to you guys!

I tend to shower in the evenings. Sleeping in a nappy makes me have to shower in the morning. Still, despite of this distraction from morning routine, a night in a nappy has a very relaxing effect to the mind and makes me happy all day.

Usually, I don't need bathroom trips in these cases as well. But the last night in a nappy was very strange. My wife said about 5 in the morning, I JUMPED out of bed, run to the bathroom, ripped off my nappy and used the toilet. That morning I only wondered why I woke up naked. Totally didn't remember anything.
I sometimes do feel better after wearing at night. It is pretty relaxing. I don't really wear much this time of year. It's just way too hot. But during the winter months, it's very nice & relaxing.
I'm still trying to train wetting on bed. It would be SO convenient, but my mind is very sturdy on this one. It might even be a physical thing, you know, just impossible for the gates to open while laying down lol. So yeah, be glad you can actually do it!

Congrats on your great experience, too :)!
Thanks guys, not sure I want it to become a regular thing. I want it to be special. But we'll see how things develop! Sure could do with being in a good mood all day at work with the job I do though haha.
The first few nights after I got back into diapers, I woke up several times during the night too. You get used to it after a bit and sleep through the night for the most part.
Haven't tried it yet but I'm planning on doing it soon!
Sleeping padded at night is pretty awesome the best thing is not having to get out of bed to use the bathroom at night. It is refreshing and I do sleep better padded.
Congratulations on sleeping in diapers again.
I sleep best when sufficiently diapered that I can wet in any position without leaking. When so diapered I generally sleep through the event.
WBxx said:
I sleep best when sufficiently diapered that I can wet in any position without leaking. When so diapered I generally sleep through the event.

So can I ,also now I've started wetting in first few hours of sleep so padded is a must now
If wetting is an event, how do I go about getting tickets and when is it in town?
Sleeping while padded is the best, I find I usually wake up in the morning feeling more relaxed and contented that way. There's just something so comforting about being padded in bed that I love.
I always go to bed with a diaper on. I like to wake up dry the next morning. Of course my diaper will be soak but not the bed.
Heh I just slept padded for the first time last night. It was great. :D
Think i might do it again tonight, feeling really run down and could do with a good sleep. Been a manic weekend! I am actually wearing now despite there being people home, i just need to relax and decided it's worth it. :)
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