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Hey guys. So this is the first story I have written that is based on a picture that I got commissioned. I have never been much of a writer, but I thought the picture was special.

Here is the picture it is based on:
Shane is a character that is very similar to myself in real life. A love for Frozen and anything Disney and girly. Forza is one of my best friends fursonas and is close to his real life self as well.

With that in mind, here is the story:

Sleepover Story Time

Forza looked down at the piece of paper that was in his paw. Reading the address in his head he looked up at the house he was parked in front of. Satisfied that he had arrived at the right location he got out of his car grabbing some stuff out of the trunk.
The gray kangaroo with dark orange bands on his tail walked up to the front door and rang the bell. From inside the house he heard a voice holler, “Just a minute.” A few moments later the door unlocked and opened to his friend Shane. Shane was a light tan coyote with a blonde tuft of hair on his head and a black tipped tail. “Forza!” he shouted, happy to see his friend for the first time since he had moved.
“Did you bring your stuff?” Shane asked.
“Sure did” Forze replied.
“Great. Come on inside, let me show you around.” Shane stepped aside and let Forza enter his house. “Just set your stuff over there.” pointing to a spot next to the steps. Forza set his bag down and followed Shane around the house for a tour.
“You really changed it up since the last time I was here,” Forza said “I remember last time I was here you hardly any furniture.”
“Yeah yeah.” Shane said brushing off the comment as he showed Forza the kitchen and the location of various snacks and drinks. Leaving the kitchen the two headed upstairs to the bedroom. As they headed down the hallway Forza noticed a door with a fancy lock on the door.
“What's that?” Forza asked
“Don't worry about it.” Shane said “we'll get to that room a little bit later.”
After the tour of the house ended Forza and Shane had built up an appetite and headed back to the kitchen to get something to eat. The two of them decided on an old classic, pizza. After they ate it was getting to be about bedtime, so Forza picked up his bag of stuff and headed upstairs. Shane was already upstairs in front of the locked door. He could hear Forza coming up the stairs and waited for him to head towards the bedroom.
“Forza could you come here for a sec?” Shane asked with a slight blush on his cheeks. “I need you to close your eyes and no peeking.” the coyote requested.
Forza did what he was told as he was pulled into the other room by Shane. There was the something sweet that made Forza relax, but couldn't place what it was.
“Ok, open your eyes.” Shane said.
Forza opened his eyes to see a room he was not expecting. It looked like a room that would belong to a 4 year old girl. On the walls where poser of The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. On the bed was a Tangled themed bedspread. In the corner was a castle playset with various plushies surrounding it. Against the wall was something that Froza would never think Shane would have; a changing table. It was pink and white with sliding doors on the side opened to expose the Frozen and Brave themed Pull-Ups. In the middle of the room was a rack that had several Disney Princess dresses, all of which had the skirt way too short.
“I had no idea,” Forza said dumbfounded “when did this start?”
“A few years ago” Shane said blushing “I always had a thing for padding, but I guess it slowly became a sissy thing with my preference for girls diapers.”
“I guess that would explain it I guess. So are we sleeping in here?” Forza said jokingly.
“We can if you want, but there are a couple of rules.” Shane said noticing a look of trepidation on Forza's face “don't worry, it's nothing too weird.”
“I trust you, but could I at least unpack first?” Forza asked.
“Sure thing, I'm going to get my stuff together for bed.” Shane said. Opening up his bag, Forza pulled out a Stitch plush and a Stitch sleeping bag. Spreading the sleeping bag out he placed the plushie at the top of the bag and waited for Shane to turn back around from looking in the closet.
“Ok since you want to sleep in here tonight these are the rules; you have to wear a diaper or training pants, it has to be exposed, and you have to wear a costume. Because you are staying in my sissy pretend room where my imagination runs wild I want yours to as well.” Shane said waiting for a response from Forza. With a heavy sigh Forza nodded and accepted the rules of the room.
“Ok I'll do it.” he said a blush spreading across his face.
“Great!” Shane exclaimed, “Do you want me to diaper you or do you want to do it yourself?” Shane asked.
“I'll do it myself.” Forza said.
“Here you go” Shane said handing him a diaper, baby powder, and a box of wipes. “I won't peek, I'll just be getting some clothes that you can choose from to wear.”
Hopping on top of the changing table, Forza examined the diaper he was given. He rolled his eyes when he saw that it had designs based on Kristoff from Frozen. “You and Frozen Shane, I don't know why you like that movie so much.” Forza said. Shane simply shrugged and continued to take costumes out of the drawer. Forza spread the diaper out, applied the powder and taped up the diaper with expert precision.
“That was fast” Shane said “Maybe a little too fast. Are you hiding something from me Forza?”
Forza looked down at the padding around his waist. It had pictures of Sven, rope, ice picks, and sleds. Looking back up at his friend, Forza had tears in his eyes. “I am, I didn't know how to tell you, but I like diapers. Please don't call me a freak and I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore.” Forza broke down crying.
Shane stood there in shock that his friend would think of himself as a freak. “Oh honey, I would never do that. I mean look around you, you are in a room of a 23 year old male coyote, but it looks like it belongs to a 4 year old girl. If anything you should be calling me a freak. Come here.” Shane opened his arms and took Forza in for a hug, “Follow me I want to show you something.”
Drying his eyes Forza made his way to the bed where the costumes where laid out. Looking at the costumes he analyzed his options; Forza could dress as Flynn from Tangeld or Hans or Kristoff from Frozen. “I guess you made my choice for me already” looking down at his diaper.
“Kristoff it is!” Shane said handing Forza the costume. “I'll let you get dressed while I choose my costume and padding.” Forza pulled the fur fringed top over his head. Looking in the mirror Forza could clearly see the diaper peeking out from the bottom of the costume. “You look so cute!” Shane shouted giving Forza another hug. “Now let me get changed into my sleep attire.”
Shane walked over to the changing table crouching down to take a look at the training pants he had to choose from. Grabbing a pair of Pull-Ups with a picture of Elsa's face on the front and snowflakes that faded when wet. “Forza do you mind if you could turn around so I can change?”
“Sure thing.” Forza said turning around.
Undoing his belt, Shane pulled down his jeans and underwear. He grabbed the Pull-Up and stretched out the sides and stepped into the leg holes. He shimmied the training pants up over his crotch before looking at his reflection in the mirror. A blush went across Shane's face as he looked at the picture of the Snow Queen on the front of his Pull-Up. “How do I look?” asking Forza as he turned to show him his Pull-Ups. Forza rolled his eyes again at Shane's Frozen obsession. “Just wait until I put on my dress.” Shane turned his attention to the rack of dresses in the middle of the room. The choice of dress to wear was obvious, Shane grabbed the Anna dress and pulled it over his head.
Turning around once again Shane looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of a young coyote wearing a dress that was was too short for someone his size. It clearly showed the bottom of his training pants as well. “Do I look like a pretty princess Forza?” Shane asked. Forza turned around to see Shane dressed as princess Anna with his Pull-Up on full display.
“If I didn't know it was you Shane, I would say you are a very cute princess.”
“Thanks buddy, do you think we should get to bed?” Shane asked.
“Aren't we missing a very important part of a sleepover?” Forza said.
“What's that?”
“Story time.” Forza said.
“Alright alright. Let me get my sleeping bag and plush friend out of the closet.” Pulling out a pillow and sleeping bag out of the closet, Shane unrolled it. Much to no ones surprise it was Frozen themed. It had the pattern that you would see on the bottom of Anna's dress and a pillow with Olaf on it. Digging through his large pile of plushies, Shane pulled out his Sven plushie. “Ok, now I'm ready.”
“So what story do you want to hear?” Shane asked, “Something scary, funny, heroic, take your pick I can tell a good one.”
“How about a story told by Anna?” Forza said “Tell me the story of how you saved your sister and the kingdom.”
“With pleasure. It all started when Elsa and I where children...” Shane continued to tell the story of Anna's adventure. Around the part where Anna met Kristoff, Shane felt a fullness in his bladder. Pausing in the middle of describing Sven, Shane relaxes.
“Whats wrong Shane?” Forza asked, but didn't need a response. He sees the snowflakes on the front of the Pull-Up start to fade away as a faint hissing could be heard. Forza kept watching as the picture of Elsa took on a yellow tinge.
“All done.” Shane said as he blushed and closed his eyes to let the excess pee soak into his training pants. Shane opened his eyes to see Forza with blush filled cheeks looking back at him.
“Ha ha, sorry buddy got kind of wrapped up in the story.”
“That's ok, are you going to change?” Forza asked.
“No way, these can handle a lot more wettings if needed. Now back to the story.” Shane said.
An hour later Shane wrapped up the story “...but Elsa insisted and we began to skate around the frozen courtyard. The end. How did I do?”
“That was great! It was like Anna was really telling me the story, I loved it. I am getting sleepy though.” Forza said picking up his Stitch plushie.
“Ok I guess it is that time.” Shane said getting up to to turn down the lights. Forza snuggled into his sleeping bag hearing his diaper crinkle as he hugged tightly onto his plushie. Shane did the same, making sure that his skirt was smoothed out before he curled up with Sven.
“Goodnight Kristoff.” Shane said.
“Goodnight Anna.” Forza said as the two drifted off to sleep.

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Well done. Good characters, description and pacing. :)


Always willing to give help to those who seek it.
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I look forward to seeing more.