Sleeping in Diapers

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I have had my fair share of sleeping while in diapers. Sometimes I put on a fresh one right before bed and wet again either in the middle of the night if I wake up or the morning. Other times I wet a little right before I sleep and stay in it all night, periodically wetting through the night if possible.

I was wondering what everyone prefers. Falling asleep in a clean fresh diaper or a warm wet one?
I prefer going to bed in a wet one on the rare occasion that I sleep in diapers. Not soaked, just a little wet. For some reason I get to sleep easier if its just a little wet. I will wake up and wet once or twice during the night before returning to sleep. It is fun when I can manage to pull it off :)
I don't have a preference. For me it depends on how close to bedtime I put my diaper on.
I always go to bed dry, frequently taking a pee before changing into my night diaper. that way I'll be dry for at least the first part of the evening. but I almost always wake up to a wet diaper to some degree
I prefer wet. It's warm and calming.
I always try to go to bed dry, but not long after I lay down I end up wetting anyway. I think I like it either way. As long as I have a diaper on, I'm good.
Go to sleep in a dry one here..
I can go to sleep in a completely messy diaper and wake up happy and refreshed. It took a few times to get used to it. I sleep deeply and don't ever have to wet.
Clean fresh diaper for me. Next morning I will wake up with a wet diaper on.
either way is fine by me. Wet or dry it makes no difference abart from the inevitable wet bed if I flood my already wet nappy during the night.
I prefer dry. I wet a lot at night and I really, really hate changing my diaper in the middle of the night.
I go to bed with a dry terry pants and plastic pants and wake up with a dry terry pants and plastic pants but have had a wonderful sleep!
I go to bed either wet or dry depending on how much I've had to drink (cranberry juice and ginger ale). I sort of like having to go when I fall asleep because I often have these dreams where I'm in a big, rambling house, some sort of dorm or school and I'm desperately looking for a bathroom. I always keep hoping I'll find one and use it....sigh. A few times I have and sometimes I slightly wake up and just use my diaper. Either way, I sleep peacefully.
I honestly have no preference! However, I did notice I can fall asleep more easily in dry diapers. Perhaps it's because dry diapers are a bit less bulky (although premium diapers are already huge!).
I like going bed in dry daiper. Sometime wet daiper in morning and sometime it dry. I'm still well potty trained.
Always dry gong to bed, wet getting up.
Definitely a wet one. I'm a real heavy sleeper, so it's never even bothered me.
Either one is fine for me. Granted, I can't always sleep when I'm wearing. Too much excitement I guess!
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