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Last night I had a really powerful dream. I was lying so comfortably in a crib, looking through the crib rails at the most incredible nursery, a mobile above me was playing sweet nursery rhyme music. I felt so little and happy.
I was babbling though the shield of my pacifier, and felt warm in my onesie and think diaper. The dream was so real. While lying there in the crib I felt my diaper getting full but no pushing the accident just happen like a baby.
After the accident in my dream I drifted off to sleep listening to the nusery rhyme music softly playing.

Now the scary part, I woke you with a full messy diaper this morning.I had not waken to do this, it just happened in my sleep.
I sleep most nights in a diaper, but what if I didnt wear a diaper to bed, my bed would have been wreaked.
As a very regressive AB the experience was not bad, walking you like that made me feel so regressed and like a real baby, but I was wondering if anyone has had the same or a similar experience
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