Skiing in nappies

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Now that the winter has finally arrived there was a forum a few weeks ago about skiing in diapers / nappies. I have annoying OAB (dry) which basically meant that last skiing season I had to disappear every second run to find a toilet. So this Christmas I decided to pad up! I was asked to feed back so here goes.

Each day I wore a Tena Ultima, towling overpant (to catch any unfortunate leaks) plus a pair of PUL pants and my trusty onesie. I also had a booster for the first half of the morning (and afternoon). With the boosters I could get away with two nappies a day. Pleased to say snow conditions in the Alps aside everything worked well. No leaks and no rashes and all very discrete. I even skied 'randonee'/backcountry for a day with no adverse effects.

I'm off again in February and will be packing a second bag of supplies for the slope (the only disadvantage as far as I can see).

Happy to answer any questions.

Kind regards MWHE
Yeah but when you run out of diapers that bag becomes the take souvenirs home bag,so if you don't buy your family and friends some snow globes and Keychain they get upset!
I skied for a week in Colorado at Christmas-time, padded each day. I used a goodnite inside padded briefs. I like the feeling of being diapered, but the need was there, too. I didn't quite make it down to the restroom in time a couple of times a day and the goodnite was well-used each day. It was good to know the protection was there as I really needed it! I had a lot of fun skiing, too!
I finally got out on the slopes with my diapers on this past weekend to try it out. It was very pleasant; one of the best "activities" I have been able to do in public with diapers on. I was on the mountain for three days and tried 3 different diapers to compare. I went for smaller capacity by good quality and absorption. They were: Attends Slip M10, Snuggies/Tykables Waddler, and ABU Cushie. I didn't dislike any of them, and found it hard to choose one over the other, but I think I preferred the Attends followed by the Waddler and the Cushie, for this application of skiing. Order is based on which was more comfortable throughout the day, since all performed well for me. No busted tapes, rips, tears, etc. on any of them. A note, I did wear long underwear, for warmth, which may have also helped maintain the integrity of the diapers.

It was a great time, and will probably wear every time I ski now, trying out a couple of different ones, too.
Skiing an diapers just mix so well. I been skiing since almost my whole life and before I started wearing too the slopes I would be skiing to the nearest restroom all the time.
Cold weather clothing and diapers mix well. Cold weather bibs or coveralls will hide the thickest diaper you can dream up.
They are great for cycling in cold weather, too! Butt won't freeze over on the seat x)
Just make sure your bicycle is good to ride in extreme weather :eek:
I was skiing with friends in an ice storm once and the lift seats were coated. All my friends were complaining about their cold wet asses. I however was thickly padded so even tho my snowpants were soaked and freezing cold the same as them, my buns were warm and dry. Even if you wet and leak, everyone will assume you sat in snow too long. Only one of "us" would see crescent moon wet spots and know the truth of the matter.
I pretty much always wear when I go skiing. Thick winter clothes will completely hide the diaper and you don't have to worry about bathroom breaks.
Man, I dont live up north where there is snow anymore, but one of the things I do miss is skiing. I can imagine how great being padded would be, with think clothing to not worry about anyone noticing, and also avoiding any potential for accidents or needing to get to the lodge. Everyone enjoy!
I will partaking in this activity on Friday, will be using a tykables with stuffer, can't wait. If I do over flow I can go home and change live less than 10min from the resort by me.
Last time I able bodied skied was Killington and I had like 5 OF the classic six tab Attends, I wasn't padded I was my own mound,but he'll it was great trip without any LEAKAGE

My only more recent run was doing a disabled run down A basin on a torch run close the year out.
I haven't skied in the last two years but I always was diapered when skiing ,nothing like chatting away with a stranger riding up the lift and wetting yourself unbeknownst to them.
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