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hello all,
I bought some trest elites on Amazon in small and it seems like they are a bit tight, the thing is I’m only a 31-32 inch waist so I figured I needed to stick with the small instead of the medium. Is there any advantage to a looser fit? Aka not leaking?
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I am a medium and have been using Trests for the last three months. They fit me kinda small too, i am a size 37 waist.
The rise of the product does not seem to differ much between Small and Medium. (I have both in white because I wasn't sure either)
The waistband is a tiny bit longer and has a little bit more of elastics available in the middle of the waistbands, that's the only way I can see which is small or medium when having them next to each other. The changes between these sizes are really minimum for my eyes without measuring, with most other brands it is really easy to see, but not this one.

They fit me both like Rearz / Incontrol / NRU style diapers, where for me it is not the best fit and I cannot get maximum out of it, so in other words they leak on me before even reaching capacity I can reach with Betterdry or northshore megamax, so for me its just not worth the price.
I have 34" waist and happily go with size medium Tena and size medium Betterdry and size Small megamax. (small belly, not the thinnest legs)

In case of the looser fit, if you know the other brands I have mentioned and you have the same issues with them, then you won't have to try the medium is my thought. Looser fit typically makes less contact with the inside of the legs so if the leak guards don't fit tightly, it will leak for sure.

I can get more out of Incontrol Elite Small than Medium, even though I just fit in them, so they are a bit tight.
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