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I'm writing to report that I've recently been experiencing some issues with the site. For the past few weeks any page one the site loads slowly, in basic, html, broken in some other way, or not at all. the most common problem is with any images, such as profile pictures, not loading and only showing the alt image. This also happens with post icons, etc. Other times the site's CSS seems to have boken entirely, reloading the page sometimes solves this problem, but not always. I don't believe the problem has anything to do with my computer, my account on adisc.org, or my internet connection, as I get the same bugs whether I'm logged in or not, when using a different browser, on a different computer with a different operating system, or on a different network. I've also heard at least one report of a similar issue with a friend in the UK.

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Weird... It's fine (and rather speedy, actually) from here (also in the UK). No problems with broken HTML or CSS...

I'd suggest scanning for malware or checking your internet connection, but you've ruled that out by trying a different computer on a different network (assuming both PCs aren't both similarly compromised)... So... I'm not sure what the problem might be...

Have you tried a live Linux distro (like Slax)? You could try booting from that... just to see if it helps...
Documentation - Slax Linux

Or maybe try creating a new profile in your browser...? (In Firefox you can do that by running "firefox -p" at the command prompt [Windows] or terminal emulator [Linux]).
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