Sissy struggling and need help to move on


Hi everyone!

Long story short
I've been for many many years puting on panties from time to time and got very excited but later years Ive been buying bras and girl cloth and really enjoying dressing as a girl and dreaming about sucking a cock.
Actually after watching a lot of sissy porn I have started to get turned on by men and cock.
I am starting to belive I'm gay or at least bi sexual because I am deep down also into women (but often evt them cos how they look), wanna start a family and so on at a time.

Problem how ever is everytime I cum my masculinity takes over and say no no and I've ended opp throwing away my girl stuff and deciced to not do it anymore since it's wrong but always end up buying new stuff.

So frustrating, also been close to meet up with a guy to suck his cock but get scared when it's about to happen.

I am trying to convince my self that dressing like a girl from time to time does not mean I can also be a man on daily bases but has not succeeded.

This time I am trying not to throw anything away.

Does anyone else feel the same or have similar problems or struggles?

Also, is it actually possible to get hypnotised by sissy porn? Can I go from stating to sissy / gay
I have never ever get turned on by men before.

Looking for a real way to train or get turned. Assignments and so on?

And what does real girls think of this?

Looking forward to hear anyone😃


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First of all :hug: don’t let other people’s ideas about the world define you, be yourself and proud.

As for the opposite feelings that have you reject and throw away your girly items sounds an awful lot like the binge/purge cycles so many ABs and DLs go through with diapers and associated paraphernalia.

A lockable trunk is a fabulous idea to be able to store everything when you are not feeling it, they are handy and can double as a seat, just make sure the key is somewhere you can access it but others may not.

Random hookups sound dangerous especially if you are not yet comfortable being you. There is plenty of time to include other people.

Being this is primarily an Adult-Baby Diaper-Lover Incon Support Community are you also ABDL or little or a caregiver?

Have you created an introduction thread yet to tell us about the other things in your life such as favourite cake, sports you follow, games you like, favourite colour?


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You gotta do you sweetie, and you will find people that accept you. Stay strong :)


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Much like when even much older age regressors go into littlespace and enjoy being a younger age, an otherwise masculine guy can absolutely enjoy feeling like a totally sex, and get lost for a time in... well I'm just going to say sissyspace (I don't care if that's actually a term, I like it and am using it!), because it can be just as mentally different for some guys, as age regression.

This does NOT have to define you. There is a lot more to sexuality than just gay, straight, and bisexual. You be you, and to hell with the titles. If you genuinely enjoy spending time in women's clothes, playing a feminine role, and even want to experience things with other guys, then don't be afraid of your desires, explore them! This doesn't define who you are, it's just something you like to do.

I think I can reasonably say that to at least some degree, everyone on this site understands your issues.

As Argent mentioned already, you should really start at the Greetings / Introductions forum. Introduce yourself, and give the amazing community here a chance to meet you, and offer their support and advice; things that are never in short supply around here.


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Your fantasy relationship may not play out as you expect either with a man or woman.


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Hi Victoriassy95,

I, like you, wear girls/women's clothing and really like dressing up as I'm Bi-Gender (I switch between male and female roles). I'm a straight male and I watch sissy porn and get really turned on.

I don't think you are gay from what you have said. I think when you're dressed in girls/women's clothes, you might be wondering what it would be like if you were a girl/woman to suck cock, and its turning you on. Sissy porn is more common than you think, and a lot of sissys who suck cock are straight or are cross-dressers, or transsexuals who don't fully transition.

I wonder if you brought yourself a dildo it might help, this is what I'm planning to do soon. When you're dressed as a girl/woman you would be able to experience a similar feeling without actually seeking out someone. Simply when you're in the mood you'd suck on the dildo instead. This means you won't be taking the risk in meeting someone as you don't know the history of that person, and they could have a STI/STD or worse.