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Just come to more experienced. My wife asked me if I could dress like a girl for one evening. She would like to spank me, little humiliation but rather cute than cruel, maybe some anal adventures. From my side zero problem, I made research earlier just would like to prepare myself from clothing part and here:

- panties - here definitely it should be lace and pink, no diapers. Any advices how to pick correct one? I’ve seen quite a lot with type of hose where you put your penis, but sometimes they are just with hole? What is more comfortable? Gives better effect?

- Nightgown - any advices?

- bra - it is totally tricky since I have no boobs, will it look good? Must say that it is part which embarrass me mostly in my head. I am little overweight but due to sport it rather looks not bad

- stockings - you think that obligatory part with suspension belt?

- shaving - what would you recommend to shave, what to leave to not suffer as hell 2 days later

- Funtime - you have any ideas for completely hetero couple who has no shame in front of each other :D?

Thanks for help!
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You might want to consider looking at a company called xdress they make Lingerie for men, so you might find some useful things there.

As for shaving, I can you tell you that be careful regarding stubble and getting razor burn, do proper research on it and make proper preparations to avoid razer rashes. That said, tights and stockings feel absolutely incredible over freshly shaven or waxed legs, nothing else compares and feels absolutely next level compared to wearing them over hairy legs.
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