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Tonight I'm wearing a loose, shiny black satin nightgown with a pretty string bow in front. Underneath I have a nighttime disposable all securely tucked into place. I love the soft feel of satin on my bare legs. Not quite as thrilling as real petticoats, but somewhere on that spectrum.
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Hi and yes satin does feel good on the skin and so does silk as well too
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I got hooked into wearing back zippered bodysuits at night.
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Girls Pink Nighty 1.jpg
Girls Pink Nighty 2.jpg
Girls Pink Nighty 3.jpg
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Nice 👍 satin is so nice if you know that mean lol😏
I have been sleeping in a satin nightgown a lot lately. I agree it's a wonderful feeling.
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And nice pics
And that diapers are you whereing right
And I wish I could be in that with my super thick diaper and my buba 🤤
And what diaper are you whereing now with your set silky nighty
Satin 😍😏
And I can’t sent pics back or I would lol
And I love satin silky panties too and for other things too 😍
It's much nicer for little sissies like us to wear pretty things for bed.
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Yes love how it feels so good on my skin as well too and yes it is awesome to have nice things to with frillys on the satin panties at the same time
I would love for you to put me in a super nice thick diaper and baby powder on both sides of me and baby oil or bum cream and and then put the pinky satin silky nightie on me and with a pair of satin pantyhose and panties have you say and play with me sissy girl and play with me and my baby toys
I love a nightdress for bed, so elegant~
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