Sissy but not a sissy?


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Hello everyone. So, recently my mommy has bought me panties and bras. I think for a humiliation aspect. But I've expressed desires to wear them with my diapers. And she says she doesn't want a sissy or for me to be her little girl. I've tried explaining to her that I don't want to be a girl, (at least I don't think so) and she doesn't like mixing diapers with lingerie. But I haven't been able to explain that it's not a desire to be a little girl. I like being a boy, I just like pretty clothes like mommy has too. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don't really have a question but I wanted to start being kore active on here so I should post stuff 🥰


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The only lingerie I wear with my diaper is my 36B bra(like what I'm currently in) as I don't see the point in messing up the matching panties. But it's an entirely unique experience feeling both lingerie and diaper wearing together. Go for it and explore yourself, she's only suggesting something you would like probably.


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I know exactly what you are talking about. I do not enjoy wearing girly glothing, I don't even like pink.
But the feeling of being "forced" to wear pink diaper covers or a dress is an emotional high.
Stil, never wuthout diapers 😇


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Yup... I associate with the desire to be pretty and wear frilly girl attire at times, but I do not want to be called a sissy.

I am a rugged, rough and tumble real life cowboy, far from a sissy girl, but yet there I am. So where the heck does that place me? Most of the time I am not interested in wearing baby girl clothes, but there are those times that I want to look pretty and put on a satin frilly dress with a matching bow in my hair.

Certainly a contradiction of terms that truthfully I have not figured out myself.

And I will adamantly deny I ever posted this...
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