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The following are words that I use in everyday life. They are a reminder that I must not regard myself as an adult male, but as a sissy girl (and an underdeveloped one at that).

Beddy-byes: Bedtime
Bib-bib: Bib
Botty: Bottom/buttocks
Cuddly-wuddly: Teddy bear/soft toy
Dollies: Dolls (obviously)
Dum-dum: Dummy/pacifier
Horsey: Rocking-horse/toy horse
Nice/Proper clothes: Female clothing
Poo-poo/Pooptie-poo: Poo
Silly clothes: Male clothing
Squirties: Ejaculation (eg "Nanny is going to play with your tinky-wink until you do squirties")
Stiffikins: Erection (eg "Are you having stiffikins?-because your tinky-wink is big & swollen".)
Tinky-wink: Penis
Widdly-wee: Pee

Hopefully by using these words everyday, it will help reinforce that I must not regard myself as an adult.
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My milk’s frothing: the moment before I cum
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Putting my boy parts in jail: Putting on a cage.
Boy parts: Penis
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Baba - bottle
Diapoo, diapey - diaper
Wittle ones - dolls, stuffies
Way down - go to bed
Wet wet - wet myself
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I'm 50 now & my 35yr old GF who found my baby things during lockdown & laughed when I was telling her that her manly man wanted to wear a Nappy & enjoys wearing dresses for a 3yrs old little girl white tights pink T-bar glittery shoes blonde curly wig she now dresses me after work & when allowed to talk must be with a lisp she says it's cute when I crawl to her & tug her skirt to tell her I have a thinky thicky Nappy xx
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