Simulating Messing a diaper differently

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Hi I'm new here, I love messing diapers, but I need to find an alternative when I can't poop. Right now I'm stuffing lots of toilet paper into a pair of briefs and putting 5-6 pairs over the original pair. Any ideas for simulating messing a diaper without the mess?
The best option I have heard of is putting wet/warm oatmeal in your diaper to simulate messing. This seems like the best option because oatmeal is healthy for your skin.
Yeah, oatmeal is a good substitute. It feels good and doesn't stink. I definitely recommend it!
Oatmeal and bananas are the best!
Someone suggested mashed potatoes not too long ago.
I'd imagine Cream of Wheat, or Grits, would work well, too.

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imaxdep said:
Yeah, oatmeal is a good substitute. It feels good and doesn't stink. I definitely recommend it!

Be sure to let it cool considerably before doing this, as burns to your bum and/or wee-wee are NO FUN (...unless you're a masochist, in which case *go wild*)!
Oatmeal from the packets - quick and easy. I am not into this but did try it about 2 years ago. I slept through the whole night and woke up to a great feeling without the smell. Washes away easy (put the majority in the toilet first!
Some really good "messy" tips here. Thanks to all as I am having an inner "do I mess or do I not mess my diaper" debate with
To answer your question, I once used flour, water and a little oil. Just mix it up to your desired consistency and viola! Add coffee powder for colour. It takes a while to prepare, but this method offers you greater control on the consistency.

Having said all these, I don't advocate doing this often as it is food after all... The one time I tried this was when I found some expired flour which was lying around.
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I suppose a bag of kittens is out of the question?
Well, as of this very moment I am experimenting with baby oil soaked in the Poise pad that I have inside my Silhouette pullup pantie. I must admit that it is a very nice feeling, and without a doubt the warm squishy feeling hints as if I had actually done a little poopie.

I shall experiment a bit later with a banana when I go to bed to see how that feels during the night.

I for one appreciate all the hints given in the posts above me because I really want to get over this embarrassing feeling of actually pooping in my pullup for the simple reason that I find it very comforting to do so. And not to forget I find it a bit erotic and sensual at the same time.
Learning right now not to be so shy with how much banana to use. I quite like the feeling. Very much actually. More than just very much:blushie::blushie::blushie:
Right now I have a Poise Ultimate pad soaked in baby oil inside my generic pullup. There is no denying that it is a most lovely feeling of slippery squishyness, and rather stimulating feeling as well:blushie::blushie::blushie:

Harborgecko has made a most interesting comment and/or suggestion about bananas. While we are all happy and content ABDL adults here, I think PMing might be in order......:smile1::sweatdrop::smile1:
YES, i tried instant oatmeal and slept in it and it makes you feel like a real messy baby!!! I highly recommend it!
dogboy said:
I suppose a bag of kittens is out of the question?
Nope. I use this method, works wonders on the skin too
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