Silly but I finally learned how to use a paci correctly


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Haha it sounds so ridiculous but I can't believe it took me this long. Pacifiers would always become uncomfortable after a while and make my jaw tired. This thread from 2 years ago ( just taught me how to use it properly and I figured I'd post about it since I think many others have this issue.

So what I understood from that thread and experimenting is that your tongue is suppose to be doing all the work of keeping the paci in your mouth, not your jaw, teeth or lips. If you do it properly your face won't get tired from the paci and should feel quite relaxing. The way to test it is that you should be able to stare at the ground and keep the paci in your mouth using only your tongue. Your teeth and lips shouldn't even need to touch the pacifier if you do it correctly.

So its the back of your tongue that should be squeezing the pacifier against the top of your gums. And you just repeat the motion of squeezing more and less to make the sucking motion. When I do this the bottom of my tongue pushes foward which causes the paci to bob in and out horizontally, which I THINK is correct.

So this would seem mean that the main purpose of the lips is to prevent drool from leaking out. I was doing this method with my lips open and I was drooling ALOT. Making a seal with the lips stops the drool from coming out because otherwise the tongue is pushing saliva out of your mouth when it thrusts foward.

Anyone have any comments if I got it fully right or not?
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Babies just do it.
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i just put in my mouth and go with the flow im ok with drooling aint no one around to c it