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Hello ADISC my name is Sicarthea the Spike fan (SicartheaSpikefan.) I am a student ABDL living with my parents.

One of my main interests is MLP..... (I assume that its welcome here, as I noticed one of the most watched threads was MLP related. If not then i will change my name and avoid MLP stuff, as it can be a bit of a taboo.)..... as you may have guessed from my name.

I also enjoy, and am searching for, music (some of my favorite bands are Boards of Canada and Nujabes.) some generas I like are celtic, chiptune, and classical.

I spend a lot of time on 4chan but got banned.

I enjoy video games as a causal gamer. I mainly play GBA roms and skyrim.

I also like doing personality quizzes.

My interests on the ABDL side of things are Things like....
messing and wetting diapers
wearing soft clothes like footed sleepers
cuddling stuffed animals
Playing with blocks
Playing with trains
play fighting
Imagination games
Imagination games with dress up
Tea party (even if i dont consider myself a sissy i think it could be fun)
drawing (badly ofcorse)

Lastly because this one has a bit more to it....
watching shows for YOUNG kids. (I find Including something from an older channel to be insulting to the tv show, this includes MLP which i want out of any abdl stuff for moral reasons)

My ideal partner for this type of thing is not a "mommy" but more of a friend, someone who I can play with and acts regressed. Except we have to take care of each other.

all above activity would be done together and ones bellow like....
Bathing each other
getting each other dressed
changing each other
making food together
cleaning each other off
reading to each other
cuddling up to each other as we fall asleep.

This would preferably be a guy and I would like to sit in his lap and be the little spoon, so its not totally even as far as caretaker and care receiver.

Sex is cool to as long as it works in role play.

Unfortunately I still live with my parents, so i have never been able to practice any AB stuff, or much DL stuff. On top of that i have never met an other abdl or talked to one online in 2 years.

This brings me to why I came to this site.

I want to talk to other ABDL's to find out if there is anyone who likes the same stuff I like.
I want to learn how to role play.
I want to learn how to get around this stuff.
I want to learn more about furries and baby furs after seeing Tavi-Munks amazing artwork.
I want to know if most ABDL's had a bad childhood or if there is something messed up with them (I have heard stories) and if the same is going on with me.
I want to have some one to talk to when ever something ABDL related comes up in my life.
I want a few close internet friends to talk to.

I hope i can find a place in this community, and i hope i can find friends to talk to and eventually role play with as I plan to stay here until i most likely get banned. (It happened on 4chan, it happened on ABDL Pixel, so I have a bad history with this sort of thing.)

Sorry if i have bad grammer
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Hello Sicarthea and welcome to the group.

This was a very nice and detailed introduction. I would just suggest that you take the time to read the rules and have a good time going through the forums and meeting people on the live chat line.

I hope to see you in the different forums soon.

Again welcome.


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Spike, take a message... wait, sorry... I mean welcome to ADISC Sicarthea!

There's tons of us Bronies on here, so no need to worry on that account :)

I'm sure you'll meet lots of people on here and hopefully find some answers to your questions. Feel free to ask me anything if I can be of service.

All the best,

~ Puppyluvs
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