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shy hi

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  1. Little
hewwo mi name ish puppy an i dont weally know wat to say mi just wanted tew wook at da forum and wight some messages buh den mi fordots about ets and den da website said dat mi lurker!!! -cryyyyyyy.

mi ish new tew all ob dish. mi would wike to make shum fwiends tho.

mi wike wittle pony.

mi wike pink....
mi wike pikachu

mi dont know what mi wike.. -sniff :'(

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. im scared and shy and i dont see why mi habs to post dis now ebrybody might not wike mi.
Welcome LittlePuppy! We're glad you joined us! We are a support site and we help each other the best we can. One thing to keep in mind is that "little" or "babyish" talk is not acceptable. So you might want to clean up your grammar for future posts.

Anyway...What kind of things do you like to do when you're not in little mode? Are you a gamer? Are you a student?
why is it not acceptable
Probably because it's hard to read. If you haven't already done so, please read the rules of the site.
Do you know of any place where I can express myself as a little? Since I thought this was going to be the place :( I'm quite upset now..
LittlePuppy said:
Do you know of any place where I can express myself as a little? Since I thought this was going to be the place :( I'm quite upset now..
That's going to depend on what you feel is expressing yourself as a little. If by that you mean consistently using incorrect grammar, idiosyncratic and non-standard spellings for words, and treating punctuation as being completely optional - I can't think of anywhere you'll be able to have conversations with any meaning. Like zipperless said, all that contributes to a post that's every difficult to decipher; if I can't decipher it (and honestly at this point, you've done nothing to suggest I should spend more than a second on the effort) I can not and will not respond.

On the other hand, if you want a community to discuss and celebrate being little, ADISC is the place to be.

How about a counter-example of why we frown on TXT speak and other non-standard forms of English: "nuuizbeez stanananals; nottastanananals izbeez vrybd."
We do have sub groups here. I'm not sure there is a littles group, but feel free to find something that interests you: ADISC Groups
Traemo - condescending and rude.
Okay no one wants to make you feel Unwelcomed at all and I'm sure that wasn't his intention. But his point is valid, I personally had a pretty hard time reading your first post but that by no means implys that I wouldn't love discussing an intense love of my little pony and pikachu with you.

This is deffinitly a great place to be open with who you are and discuss the things that make you happy.

There might be a littles group you can join or you might start one (im not 100% sure how starting a group works)

Please Join us, feel free to be who you are and make some friends a long the way, we just ask that little speak is left to the side for now simply because it's difficult to understand, not because anyone wants you to be any less than who you are.

<3 welcome to ADISC
Thank you Penny, I was really upset earlier because of that comment, and now you have cheered me up so much <3 -hugs hehehheueh.
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