Should I get this Cloth diaper?

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My current living situation will not allow me to have a massive stash of diapers, for that reason, I was thinking of going cloth and getting a leakproof diaper. I was looking on amazon and found this:

Which apparently combines plastic pants and a cloth diaper all in one, I was wondering if you guys thought it was a good idea to invest in it.
Sounds like a pretty good idea to me just don't get caught with you should have nothing to worry about but you did mention your living situation but one small item should not affect anything! And let us know how the product is and how things go! XD
That looks like the Chinese diaper .
Babykins has all in one with snaps Velcro but velcro brakes down in time so I my self like to try the babykins snap on ones my self they do stand by there workmanship on what they sell.
I use there stuff that's why I like them
I have to agree with Maxx. You might look at the Dependico AIOs. I think a cloth pre-fold and plastic pants are a lot more practical. The cloth diaper will dry quicker and you can hang dry the plastic pants. Also, when the plastic goes, and it will, you only have to replace the plastic pants.
I use cloth almost every night and really like them. They are much less prone to leaks than disposables when lying down, and are the only thing that is reliable for side sleepers.

Maxx's points about drying time and durability are very important. I had an all-in-one once (not the one in your link), and I can't say I liked it. I suggest adult cloth diaper for diapers. If you want a discrete and durable cover, try their polyurethane laminate (PUL) pants. The snap-on style is handy if you need to change away from home. PUL pants can be a bit hot for daytime use. For night, I use two cloth diapers or a "doubler." When the diapers are new, two might be a bit too bulky, but you can put a baby-sized diaper inside for more absorption. After they are well-worn, a double cloth diaper is about perfect for night time use. Two thin (day weight) diapers wash cleaner and dry faster than one thick one. So I don't buy the night weight diapers.

I like PEVA pants for night use--very light and quite durable. You can get them at They call these their "Gerber white" pants. They are pretty crinkly, but it doesn't matter at night. In fact, I've worn them under jeans in the daytime. Not that noticeable, but would be too loud under any clothing that doesn't provide compression. Their diapers aren't a great deal--too thin and cost more than other sources. For whatever reason, they put their tag on the outside of these pants, and it has a picture of a baby. So embarrassing! I just clip it off with scissors.

I've never had vinyl pants that held-up to repeated use. They become stiff and brittle in a few weeks.
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These particular pocket style AIO diapers are low quality. I have bought and been disappointed. Spend a bit more and get something quality.
Dependecos are only $10 more than these. I tried a plastic diaper like that once and it started tearing at the seams just after a few weeks owning it.
As others have said they are cheap and the plastic wears out long before the diaper do yourself a favor and forget the AIO'S and get a real diaper. Even most of the companies that make them do not recommend them except as a lazy sick day diaper when putting on a diaper and plastic pants would seem like a chore (but that's why I have an Aide). Simply put if you buy an AIO as your first diaper you will always look back with regret.
try the new Always bladder control, disposible panties for women. Thin, undetectable, even look like a panty,can wear 12 hours and 3 full wettings before a leak.Best panties I've ever worn.
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