should i get tena?

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here's my situation: i believe that an online pharmacy in my country still sells the old plastic backed tena maxi slips, and since pretty much every abdl loves them, and i feel like buying more diapers, i thought about giving them a try.

but here's a little problem. i have a 28.5' (72cm) waist, and the smallest size they have is medium, which acording to their and other websites, fits the 30' (75cm) waist.
would i still get a good fit in them?

also, they are quite expensive with 19.50€ for a bag of 24 diapers. i really don't have that much money, so i have to know if those diapers are worth the extra price, or should i just get something cheaper like attends again?

i might also add that ordering from other online stores from other countries is NOT an option for me right now. in my current situation i can only order from local stores, so my selection is very poor and limited
Even thought I recently tried the plastic back Tena Maxi I'm having trouble remembering the details for why I liked the diaper. I do remember however liking them and I know that I like them more than Attends. I'm a pretty big guy but I think a size too big is better than a size too small. Just means you have to bring the tapes farther over when fastening. If you can afford the splurge I would go for it.
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