should i be worried???

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I'm not exactly new to wearing diapers, i wore them when i was younger off and one sporadically whenever i could get them, which was exceedingly rare. Now, more than 10 years later I have tried it again. Just wearing on weekends at my 3rd shift job to avoid using the restroom. As soon as I put them on I can wet them with no problem... should i be worried, this is only my second weekend wearing them.


Depends what your goal is by wearing.

Are you worried that you don't have difficulty in wetting, when you are wearing. If so that is what they are designed for. And I don't think you have anything to worry about.

There are several reason why I wear.
1: If I am hyper focusing on something. Everything around me goes on kind of standby. And I really don't notice that I need to go until it is to late.
2: I am just hyper active, other things distract me and I either forget I need to go for I don't make it.
3: I am out and about. And would need to use the public toilets. (No thank you! I got a nappy on) I totally get your point about the restroom at work.

I don't consider myself a diaper lover (DL.) They are just a means to an end. But I do like putting on a bry nappy. After changing from a wet one. That is nice.

Hope this helps you. Becouse there is nothing wrong in wearing a diaper/nappy. And believe me it is more embarrassing walking around in public wet.

I could wet my diapers first time I tried them, it was no problem at all. I could do it standing and sitting down.
If you are worried about losing bladder control.. well, no need to, really. Diapers don't make you incontinent.
You're not losing control, you're just becoming more comfortable.

To me it seems that my bladder aches more often to go when I am wearing a diaper. I've worn for a for days straight. I'm sure they're people that's worn for weeks without becoming incontinent.

It's all mental, you become more comfortable as you go at a first sign of an urge, the only noticeable difference you'll realize is that, it will seem you're going more often and the urges become more urgent. There's nothing permanent doing this. All you'd need to do is retrain yourself mentally. Nothing physical happens as a result of wearing diapers for an extended period of time.
"Worried"? Or "Excited"! lol
MeTaLMaNN1983 said:
I've worn for a for days straight. I'm sure they're people that's worn for weeks without becoming incontinent.

I wear 24/7 in surges of 4 months and still have very good control so yep!
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