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So recently I came out to my significant other as a DL and got a response I never expected. She is very very very open to it and is getting very excited and into it. Things between us have become a lot closer than ever before and we are continuing to explore as things go along. Lately we have started getting into the idea of age play for me acting as the baby and we were talking about buying some things to start out with.

Basically I was looking for some community help with some good websites that sell things like disposable diapers, adult onesies, paci's, etc for us to look at. She really wants to shop with me to pick things out for me which is fantastic but as I have mainly only participated in the DL aspect of myself I don't know where a good place to start for these types of items are. I'm not looking for anything extreme like cribs or furniture but small things to start with to see how much we want to get into it. Maybe if we get a big enough list we can sticky it or something?

Edit: If there is a list like this somewhere and I missed it I do appologize
If there isn't a list, we should make one by now.

So, I'm just going to paste out first, some of my favorites, then, some of the other ones that I can still recommend. (My favorite for AB styled cloth diapers, and my favorite diapers) (Great place for Ab diapers) (reliable place to get normal adult diapers) (great place for footed pj's) (for the cheap pacifiers, the other stuff is expensive, and hasn't always been up to people expectations) (if you want a huge selection of pacifiers) (if you want more traditional, high quality, but not so cute cloth diapers). (a good place for a few random AB things) (Good for buying stuffed animals and typical baby things, like bottles, I prefer to just use normal baby bottles, but only the ones that are made for higher flow, which would be like ventare for example.)

Other places you could try, but I haven't:
and I swear there are a few more that I have heard of as being ok, but I cant remember.

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Oh, and then there is the one that is recommended on another active thread:
Tyger said:
Other places you could try, but I haven't:

I've ordered from both of these, and can confirm they're both excellent. I would say Cosy n Dry use the best quality materials of anywhere I've ordered onesies and AB t-shirts from.

Buster Tees are also good. Their selection is very small, but they do a handful of adorable AB/Little t-shirts and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their service or product quality -
Thank you very much for the responses. Super excited to start buying and using this stuff :D
I just recently bought from Bambino and they are GRRRRRREAT.

I've been shopping with JumpinJammerz and BabyPants for years, and both sell amazing stuff and are a pleasure to do business with.
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