Shipping mishap and now the roommates may know

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So I decided to buy Abena M4's for the first time. I've bought diapers only one other time online and I had no problem getting the package to my room and no one was the wiser. I thought I could do it again. I bought them from amazon from a seller called Ubiquitty, because I couldn't even find them online just searching the name and I didn't want my roommates finding anything if they looked it up. Amazon said they would arrive March 10, I thought "Awesome, I'll make sure to be home and I'll get them without anyone knowing."

I was in class, and I got a text from a roommate saying I got a package. After class, I got home and sure enough they arrived a week early. Two roommates were there and one of them asks me "What is Just Health Shops?" The box was labelled with the company they came from. I guess I had a confused look on my face and just said maybe my mom sent them. He commented something like "You don't even know what you got?" I went straight to my room and looked up the site. All they sell is bedwetting stuff!!! Now I can't play it off as protein powder or some other thing if they look it up.

I just got my laptop and went back to campus, and am searching for a way out of this. All I got is my mom misclicked on amazon or the company shipped it to the wrong place, but neither story is very believable, because my name and address is on there. OR I just buy a ton of clif bars and say my mom, bought me a giant case of clif bars at reduced price, and pretend they looked up the wrong site. They know I love clif bars. Any suggestions?
How large is the box? Did you order a bag? It could be a stretch, but looking at that site one of their 'departments' is skin care, you could say you ordered some lotions for someone (a gift?) or your mom bought you some? Certain containers can be fairly heavy as well. Good luck, it seems like something like that would cover up and excuse the company selling something else other than diapers.
Maybe stick with your original idea of "protein powder" etc, and tell them you bought some leftover from someone, and they shipped it from their workplace. (Just Health Shop)

Sort of a variation on "they shipped my xyz in a diaper box" excuse
So I looked up Just Health Shops. They are a conglomerate of different stores with the word "Just" in the name and don't just sell incontinence supplies. But they don't seem to sell cliff bars.
If they ask again, you could say that your mom ordered you a pillow from them that help with snoring if you snore. But I don't think they'll be curious enough to look them up. And even if they as there's no way diapers would be their first conclusion.
It just reminded me that I have this pillow that gives back support for sleep. They know I have some lower back pain. The box is a little big for it, but sometimes companies put smaller things in big boxes. The skin care thing might work too. As if my mom purchased a few things.
Tell them it's "JustNoneOfTheirBusiness". That's what I do with nosy roommates.
That sounds like a good 'backup' plan, though I doubt they'll even ask you about it again. I wouldn't be surprised if they have forgotten about it completely. It's not like I care or even wonder what my roommates packages are. Sure, the Health Care thing could be slightly embarrassing and draw a little curiosity from them, but I don't think they would care enough to actually google into what you got or ask you about it later.
Yeah, looks like that's the case. No one mentioned it or acted oddly. Now to enjoy these diapers tonight :)
When they ask what's in the box say pieces of curious people.
They sure are nosy and apparently have a lot of free time. I wouldn't say anything more unless they ask again. Then just find some medical need and say they're for that. It would be fun to say it's for Ebola prevention. "I think I'm cured but the damn thing just seems to keep coming back!" Then I'd cough.
Just let it blow over, I think you're paranoid. I don't think they're really going to research something with health shop in mind. I doubt the first thing they think is diapers. You know what it is and you're being a little paranoid.

You don't have to explain nothing, it's none of their business. You trying to cone up with something to tell them what it is beyond the initial moment will only bring curiosity to them.

Like I said, what's done is done, the moment has passed, no need for you to bring it up again. Don't worry about it, carry on.
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