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<Sheepishly says hi>

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Hi everybody, I'm ElectronTamer. I am just finishing high school and will be going to college to study Electrical Engineering next year. I'm here because I'm a DL, although I haven't been able to actually purchase a diaper yet. I've wetted a few home-made ones, and I am hoping to get some real ones soon.

Anyway, I am interested in Electrical Engineering and Computer Programming, and am an avid Linux user. Recently I have been experimenting with Software Defined Radio and Digital Signal Processing. So much to learn! I am also interested in Scuba Diving, although for logistical reasons I have not been able to dive since I got certified last summer (hoping to fix that soon!)

I'll probably largely stay a lurker, but I am hoping that this site can help me to better understand how to discretely explore my DL side, and guide me on my way to getting my first diaper.
Welcome to ADISC!

<The first thing I have to say, Brother ElectronTamer.. is that I never expected to encounter Andalite thought-speak around these parts.>

Now that I've embarrassed myself and likely confused you with my out of place Animorphs reference, I can seriously say.. welcome. I hope your first time diaper buying experience gives you everything you are looking for, and more! It seems like you're interested in all sorts of awesome stuff, the kinda sort of smart stuff that sounds like it's a joy to understand.. but I just don't. Maybe I'll change that one day. What got you interested in stuff like Electrical Engineering and Computer Programming though? Also scuba diving? Did you always have a thing for dolphins and sharks and fish? Hehe.

It's totally fine if you stay a lurker, we all have busy lives. Don't let it stop you from posting when you feel like you have something to add, or just have a question you would like quickly answered! We're absolutely here to help!
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Welcome to ADISC.

I got my BS in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University a number of years ago and I was (and am) very interested in Computer Programming.

As to lurking...in the real world, lurkers are normally not wanted. However, here at ADISC, you can lurk or post comments as much or as little as you want. Though I hope you will take part in the threads. It is always nice to hear people's opinions as everyone has different opinions.
Welcome to adisc. There is a lot ahead of you to look forward too, diapers are just as good as you would hope them to be, at least if you get the good ones, but the cheap ones are enjoyable too when that is what you have. The diaper lover forum will be very helpful in finding the best way for you to get some good diapers when you get the time, and the AB forum will probably give you some fun bias towards cute diapers if that is what you want too.

So what language do you like to program in?
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