Shaving and Chafing


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Does being shaven effect the chances of rashes and chafing ?

When i first started wearing i never had any skin realated issues i had skin like leather , i used to be able to sit in a soiled nappy for many hours even overnight with no issues without the use of creams, id always clean up correctly shower ect.

Fast forward to now, im completly hairless from the armpits down ( one because i hate it, and 2 its much easier to clean up). I have been for many years but recently ive started to notice some issues.

I love going for long walks so i will often pop a nappy on with a onsie and go for a walk, when ever i use the nappy whilst im out i get really bad chafing, to the point i have blood on my onsie when i remove it to change, cuts to either side of my thighs, i am rather thick thighed though, if i wear to bed im very often waking up to a itchy and painfull bottom and its unbearable.

If i mess i have to change asap or it starts burning, again ive never had issues like that before.

As i say after every change i clean correctly, shower at least once every 2 days.
I also put on powder at every change and sometimes use creams like sudocreme.

I have tried wearing plastic pants over the top but ive found this can make things worse, as the plastic really digs into my skin and leaves me with sock like markings on my legs for days.

The thicker the nappy the worse it gets, so if im out its normaly a tena slip maxi or ultima, i used to wear id slip when out n about , but they would always leak even with the highest capacity.

Any tips or suggestions on products to use ? (Im uk based)

Sounds like your skin needs a diaper-rest.
And yes, shaving your body makes it more prone to chafing. That's probably why we have good hair growth in certain areas.

I've also noticed that wearing thick diapers adds a lot to chafing when having a long walk, if using it, then much more.

My tip would be to use a thinner, cloth-like diaper, thinner than Tena Maxi. No Plastic pants. A boring tip, I know!

Also, try to let your skin dry out and breathe a few hours every day.
I would also recommend showering your diaper area every day to get rid of traces of pee on the skin,
using only a small amount of very mild soap.
The rest of your body doesn't need soap or showering every day.