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Hey guys, I am jeff, 24 year old diaper lover/possibly adult baby from newy York. I have been a member for a while and haven't been too vocal, but I think it's about time I accept the fact I love to wear diapers. I have anew girl friend who is teaching me that my fetishes are ok, and I'm learning to be ok with my fetishes, even though she is grossed out by pee. Anyway we met in israel on a volunteering trip and she is helping me confront my fetishes.

About me

I'm 24/m and bi. JEWISH. Currently living in israel on a volunteer program. From long island. I am a diaper lover and possibly an AB, I don't really know where my interests lie in this fetish world, but im ready to explore!! [removed]

Also Im going to be traveling to Amsterdam, Italy, Greece, istanbul, Prague and germany throughout the month of February with my girlfriend, any suggestions[removed], message me. Can't wait to start chatting.

Ps forgive me for any typos/bad grammar, I am not good on this iPad.
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