Set: A God Awakens

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(So I decided to try giving it a shot. For those of you who don't know, here is a short synopsis of the story.

A girl named Elisa ( Eli - She also was given the nickname Wet Eli by some) is an archaeologist. Her family especially her father was a renowned archaeologist but has passed away leaving her to take up the family career. She is 17 and is extremely smart. She graduated from college at the age of 16.

She is now ready to set out on her journey to discover ruins and other ancient civilizations. But things go amiss when she stumbles upon a ruin and accidentally releases an Egyptian god by the name of Set, who's shape mysteriously resembles that of a black cat. In doing so, other Egyptian gods awaken with the sole purpose to capture Set and reseal him before he regains all his powers.

Eli doesn't know this black cat is a god, and she decides to keep him as a pet.

Volume 1, Chapter 1 : Prelude

"Are next graduate , the shining star of our university, who has accomplished so much in a short period of time. Her deeds and contributions have shattered all expectations of what one might consider a student." The room grows silent as anticipation grows. Eyes staring down toward the stage of a giant hall, the kind of hall you would expect to see an orchestra ready to play some grand symphony.

"Elisa Augustin!"

The rooms silence becomes a loud roar and the applause breaks through the hall. The vibrations through the air rumbles as Elisa nervously approaches the stage in a fidgety manner and bashfully tries not to look at anyone in the eyes. Elisa walks onto the stage and looks at the president of the university, a big chubby man dressed in what looks to be a very expensive business suit. She nods as she is handed her diploma. "Thank you sir."

She sees the president looking down at her with his dark brown eyes as he smiles. He clears his throat, looking back up at the audience. "Ms. Augustin has prepared a small speech." the president says as he backs away from the podium.

Elisa takes a deep breath to calm herself down and steps toward the podium . "Hi, umm sorry. I mean ... " she pauses for a second to reorganize her thoughts and then continues after taking another deep breath to calm herself down further.

"Hello everyone, I am glad you all could make it today to celebrate all of those who have graduated. When I first entered this university I was nervous, and I really was not sure what to expect. It's not often someone as young as myself gets the chance to attend Arch Valley University."

"As you all know ...." Elisa is stopped short by something beeping. She looks around and becomes really confused. "What's that beeping?" she says frantically. She keeps looking unable to figure out what is going on when all of a sudden everything goes black.

She gasps for air as she jumps out of bed. She realizes the beeping she was hearing was coming from a pad on her bed. She sighs "Great ... just great!" and then mumbles to herself "Has it really been over a year?" She looks at the clock, it reads three twenty four AM.

She seems to just stand in one spot, not moving an inch. She then shivers in excitement "I need to get this cleaned up, I got a big day ahead of me." She smiles and slaps her face with both hands and then gives a loud yawn and a stretch. She grabs her bedding and tosses it in a laundry basket and gets ready for the day.


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Keep writing can't wait to see where you go with the story .
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