Server Upgrade (hardware)

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Our massive growth is requiring us to move to a new, more powerful server, with 2-4 times the RAM of our current one.

I'll post a new update once I have an ETA on the new server, which should be within a week.
Right now I'm carefully backing up the database and ALL of our files... I remember what happened the last time I asked my ISP for a server upgrade, and don't want a repeat of that ;)

Hopefully when the new server is up, we should be back to 100% uptime. :)

Bear in mind this new server will cost significantly more than our current one.
To help offset the cost, I am going to be changing the way that ADISC handles donations.

Right now, anyone can donate any amount and they get a pink name (and donor status) forever.
This leads to a very unpredictable donation total each month, especially as people tend to do all their donating near the end of the month.
Further, it provides no incentive for repeat donations, as anyone who donates, even once, gets donor status forever.

So... the new system is different. In the new system, you can select the amount you donate ($5-$25) per month, and the donation is set up to happen automatically once per month.
You get donor status as long as your donation lasts, and you can cancel your current donation, then start a new one of a different amount, at any time.

This enables me to far more easily track who donated what and when. Hopefully, it will also lead to a more steady donation stream for ADISC, to help offset the costs of the new server.

If you'd like to donate to help improve our server, here's the link: Donations. This link will also start showing up at the top of every page, and in your UserCP.
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