Server Rollback 2021/10/7


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Last night, I upgraded the server from Debian 9 (buster) to Debian 10 (bullseye).
This is the equivalent of upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11... except when upgrading Debian, you ALSO upgrade every software package installed on it.... somewhere between 500 and 1000 software packages. So basically every piece of software on the server was updated.

This was going fine, until this morning, at which point we started having database issues.
While I would like to be able to troubleshoot this for hours... unfortunately I have work today.
I can't take time away from work to troubleshoot for hours, and I can't leave the site online, but broken, for the whole day, and just hope that whatever it is is fixable tonight.

So.... I made the decision to revert to a backup from last night. This resulted in us losing everything posted/uploaded/changed in the last 14 hours.
I am very sorry about that, but this is the best option I had.