Seni Super Quattro Sizing


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I found a good deal on a local ad for xl size seni super Quattro. My waist/hips is probably in the 44” range — and so naturally I’d probably order a large. I prefer xl in north shore’s line and for ABU - but use large for like better dry.
Do you think I’ll be wasting my money?
Do Seni tend to run big or small?
I also wear BetterDry size Large and the Seni Quattro's Large fit me just fine.

Seni make great diapers but you should wear them with Plastic Pants because they do "Sweat".

Seni Diapers are super comfortable in hot weather and very affordable.

With the right Plastic Pants and a Onesie you'll be all set.

If you're going to be wearing them for extended periods you might also want to reinforce the tapes with long strips of duck tape, or gorilla tape.
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