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So I received a case of the new and improved seni super quatro from xp medical in the USA. Sometime last year I'd ordered a variety from xp medical and I got some of the seni quatro in medium with the pink stripes. Though cloth backed they're actually a really good diaper and absorb well into if not beyond abena range. They're very quiet and comfortable and I've used them at the movies at home and recently at work. I started using them at work and decided to get a case. Well I discovered that sometime not long after I got my variety pack they released a new and improved version. And it's not pink which is very nice.

So here's the changes I've noticed:

The original version had color coding and the mediums were pink. well now the medium is just plain white with a wetness indicator and some manufacturer info printed down the middle.

Side by side the shell/shape doesn't seem to have changed at all. Even the standing leg guards still stick to the gathers the same way.

There is a light blue landing zone in the padding which is new.

Most significantly... It no longer has double tapes. There's still two tapes per side but the extra blue "2nd chance" tape is gone. The tapes seem thicker and actually hold much better(when taking off the diaper one actually tore the cloth outer cover) and it appears that they are attached to the back cover much better there's a good inch or two of plastic holding it to the back cover. They also have a crinkle cut on the ends. I'm actually very very pleased with this change and it doesn't bother me that the 2nd chance tapes are gone, I'd found that if u ever had to use them in the past they never really stuck well at all.

Absorbency wise they seem about the same. I've only used one so far. I do feel like the blue landing zone tends to pull liquid towards it and disperse it further up the back. After 3 uses while standing I'd noticed that it made it's way around the back considerably where as with the original I tend to remember it staying where I was spraying. Once full it still has the same level and way of squishing that the originals have. I do believe that I used it more than I usually do but I had a small leak/drip after like my 5th wetting that seemed to continue as I'd bend and twist and move while working. When I got into my car for the drive home the press out was an issue but i had 5 good wettings/ floods in there so that's to be expected. Once home I took off my pants and gave it once last large wetting and it still didn't run out.
I'd never readjusted my tapes and they never seemed to move. Yet after I took it off while the tapes didn't seem sticky enough to use by feel. I was still able to roll up my diaper and tape it closed without issue.

It's definitely a great diaper and with the few changes I'd say it has been improved overall if not just from the tapes alone. If you're looking for a quiet breathable product for active daytime use. I'd recommend giving it a try.

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