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Lots of us like to try different diapers from time to time, or even all the time, so don't often if ever buy by the case. Others can't afford a case, or have room to store them safely. And then there are those that don't wear often, don't need a case, but don't really like the prices of buying sample packs, or by the bag.

With that in mind, I've been thinking about buying in bulk to resell in smaller package sizes to people that fit into those niches or for whatever other reason would like the idea of someone selling in that fashion.

So my questions are, how many would like the option of being able to buy several different styles or brands of diapers in smaller quantities from one supplier. I could combine shipping of different brands, and offer multiple different package types and sizes. My initial thought is to sell packages of 2, 5, 10, and 20 diapers and allow the customer to mix and match to fit their wants, needs, and/or desires. I would charge slightly above my cost per case, plus enough to cover shipping. Not looking to get rich, but rather provide a service to the ABDL community. Making a small profit, well, that's the American way isn't it?

Also, would the larger suppliers have an issue with someone doing this? I can understand that in one sense I would be taking business from them. Yet in another, if I'm buying their product, at their asking price (for a case), they are still making their money.

Looking for thoughts, suggestions, ideas, support... Open to whatever any of you have to say.

Retail is hard to do small-scale. You don't get anything at a volume discount (product, shipping, storage, labor) and so you have to mark things up considerably, which lowers your customer base significantly.

The only good thing I see here is the market is small and many if not most are willing to pay a premium for premium service and products here. If you can establish yourself as a premium provider, it's doable.
It's an interesting idea, Corry, and one that I think comes from a genuine interest in solving a problem in the community. But I guess my question is, How do you feel your solution would be different from/better than that being offered by

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I think this is a good idea and people (including myself) could be interested and benefit from it. It is nice to try out new diapers. But the prices of premiums are already extremely expensive (especially when buying either small quantities or large quantities) and it does make it harder to do as often as some of us would like.

As far as suppliers being okay with it, I don't think they'd have a problem with it. They still make the same profit by selling cases to you than they would by selling to anyone else and if anything, if you're buying enough regularly they could offer you even cheaper wholesale prices, but you have to buy a lot at once.

The main thing would be marketing and having a secure way to exchange information with any customers. Making other ABDLs aware that you're doing this would be a good thing to figure out. ADISC would be a pretty good spot for that, I'm not sure if you're allowed to use this sight for marketing though, but if you are I'd say go for it. Plus any other ways you could get word out. Word of mouth can help too but you'd need something like a website or at least a blog or something that people could be referred to that showcases what your selling and the prices you're selling at. Secondly, being able to securely handle customer information (I.e. Addresses and credit card numbers) isn't necessarily something that's that hard (anyone can use PayPal or similar service providers to send and receive funds easily enough), but building up clientele and becoming "reputable" may take a little time.

Anyway, I think this sounds like a pretty good idea. Being able to buy mixed bags of different quantities at a price where each diaper costs as much as if you bought a case of them (even if you don't necessarily buy a case) sounds enticing. I'd also double check to make sure that you can afford to sell them at low enough prices that'd be competitive to what's already available.
The thing is, even if you only want to buy by the bag, it's still cheaper from major suppliers, since they have volume arrangements with couriers that you wouldn't be able to get, and for single bags, delivery costs are significant. For variety packs, maybe, but that requires that you keep a lot of stock on hand, and it's only going to appeal to each ABDL at most once - sooner or later, everyone finds out which nappy they prefer.
Like I said in the original post, I'm not thinking about making millions of dollars here. Rather, cover my costs and make a small profit. That part really wouldn't be hard. If diaper A is $1.25 each by the case, but $2.00 each if you only bought a bag of 10, I could buy a case and sell them at $1.50 each. The buyer gets them for $.50 cheaper, and I make a little pocket change. I would have to charge for shipping as well obviously.

For mixed diaper orders, just use the same process. Customer wants 3 'A', 3 'B', and 1 'C'. 'A' costs me $1.25 each, 'B' is $.85, and 'C' is $1.80. So my cost would be $8.10 for all 10 diapers. I sell them for maybe $10. The customer would have paid $25 or more, and had to pay shipping 3 separate times. I can package them all together and save them on shipping. Just my thought process.

If and when I start doing this getting word out and secure transactions aren't really a concern. The internet is a wonderful thing. Paypal for secure transactions, and forums, craigslist, reddit... no shortage of ways to advertise, for free. Then word of mouth takes over.

Now, all that said.... if one of you takes my idea and runs with it I'm gonna be cranky! But before I consider giving it a shot, I wanted the opinions and advice of the community. ADISC is a great place for that.
My first thought is you are running with wearing Cloud's idea. I have not ordered from him, but he started out here. He used ADISC to advertise and got away with it. Pretty much just asking our opinion and then dropping us a link to his not so professional offerings. I think his website has improved, but I hate his thought process. Why is it so complicated? Why have a mix where we have to pick so many of each level? Why not just click on a ten pack and then add ten and the prices per each already have ten percent of the amount for shipping added to the total? Then another section for 5 & one for twenty packs? Then we can compare them equally side by side without a huge shipping surprise at the end. I would like to try Rearz, Northshore and Amor, but only if I can use PayPal.
It will work better if you are selling in smaller quantities where you can be much more competative, or where they are not normally available in small quantities, or if you are selling in a market where the brand is not normally available.

Selling variety packs is another good entry level idea. There are already a few retailers doing variety packs, but one thing I only see very rarely is where you can choose your own variety. If you outright allowed a'la'carte ordering, where customers had total flexibility in their order, you would have something entirely unique. For that it would help to have some skill in web coding to make the cart, or to know someone that could help you with that.

Even a "build your own case" would be nice. Would be a little tricky considering the radically different bag shapes, but if you pack them individually I think it's doable. That and a build-your-own-bag, where you can pick diapers by two's for example. You'd just have to adjust the price variably depending on the chosen brand, and limit them to what will fit in the box you are shipping, which will vary depending on the model and size of the diapers as they are being chosen.

There are still a few good untapped angles here I think. Having other related accessories would be lucrative. Dummies, diaper scents, powders and lotions as accessories available for larger orders I think would be well-received. Rash creames and powders too. I think I'd avoid onesies and anything else prone to mis-ordering and wanting return. Diaper tapes (patterened strips for the front) have been touched on by a few but again are a fairly new market, adding that option to your store would attract customers. ABU has always included lollypops with their orders, and are also including stickers. Both are good ideas, consider something similar.

The more of these options you offer, the larger of an audience you will attract for ALL of the products you are selling. While they're at your store, you need to be thinking about what else they might want to buy while they're at it. Things they'd like to try, things they didn't realize they could get online while ordering, or just plain saving on order costs with combined shipping.

You're also going to need to think about how you get paid. Paypal wants a fee for business transactions. Don't abuse their gift option, they WILL cancel your account for abuse. (seen it happen, several times atually)
Have you looked at eBay lately? Several use that exact business model there. Already have a searchable website, payment system with established trust in place. Not that I want to quell competition, just hoping you don't jump blindly off a cliff.
One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet is: do you have the space available for stock? Each manufacturer as several lines and several sizes that you will need to get cases sizes to make this venture work That adds up to some significant space concerns if you want to offer quick turn-around.
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