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To start things off I have been getting a bad temper. Bad enough to scare my wife. So we set up a "time out" scenario if it got bad. She would force me into padding and take the mother role. However I keep messing up and now.... I don't think she will ever do it again. Any suggestions?
Pick a new hobby that calms your temper down, take a walk, lift weights, *chop firewood and garden like me. Then let your wife know how much you love her and appreciate everything she does
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You might try adult coloring books. I found them to be very calming and a good way to regress.

Hi kryxel.

I have be a very angry boy and passed, and in my temper tantrum I have been known to take wardrobe doors off using my fist.

And the smallest is everything can trigger a memory that would put me in a temper.

This is what has helped me manage my anger and temper.

First of recognising that you are getting angry over and memory and look at that memory at what was going on and what is the offence you have taken.

You may have every right to be angry over a situation. For me it is not being listen to. And thing being bone becouse someone thought that's is what I would of won'ted. Or organising my time off for me. There would be a big argument when little sisi all of a sudden said that he is going to go the other way or that he has aranged something else that day and that I will not be about,

I have so many memerys of that sort of thing I took my family a while to get used to asking me for some reason. If only they asked instead of assuming.

Anyway dealing with the Anger that the memerys bring up.

For me find a safe place to shout if you can. May help. Or some form of physical exercise will help you released that part.

Now look at the trigger the situation and the people.

And this is the biggie forgive them and your self. Becouse otherwise you will carry them and the situation to the next time you have something that pulls the trigger and before you know it you are tacking door off their hinges with your hands.

By releasing them and if possible saying you are sorry for your part in it. And explain why you feelt angry over a situation, will help defuse the trigger and over time you anger over that situation will diminish.

Hope that helps also see someone that is trained in listening to people Like a counselor really helps. It help me. Find out and getting to know who you are and why you like to do things like wear a diaper is great and it also helped me accept who I am.

And the other thing you are lucky enough to have a wife that will diaper you. And tack on the muther role for you.

I strongly suggest you do everything to make her feel happy.

Have you come across love language. It may also help

Well all the best.


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