Seeking a well-fitting diaper for my size.

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I wear waist size pants/shorts/underwear between size 40 and 42 inches.

My 42 inch shorts/pants are a big baggy and the 40 inch are a bit snug, just a slight bit uncomfortable.

At this point, as a comparison, Depends Fitted Six-Tape style Large Size seem to fit perfectly but we all know the level of quality there.

Attends Six Tape Waistband Large are HUGE on me - coming far too high in the waist.
Attends Six Tape Waistband Medium do close - but after about an hour, they squeeze my thighs so much it leaves a red pinch line and hurts a bit.

Is there a brand and size for me that anybody may suggest that fits better than these?

I am losing weight as quickly as possible as I'm about 50lbs overweight, so that is the main issue :'(
It's hard to tell you what brand and size to try. What I would suggest is go to a site like
XP Medical and get samples of some of the brands and sizes you think will work for you.
I wear the A+ level 4's in size large from XP Medical. I have a 40" waist and like the fit
and absorbency real well.
Medium Drycare Conficare 24/7. A large also fits but you will have "diaper butt" from the extra length. Order a sample. Many people love them.
Here are some sizing links:

Bambino diapers should not be trusted with sizes as they vary with different numbers.

It is safe to calculate the size with your waist and to an average diaper and probably deduct by 1" You can do an average test with measuring tape, (Say your either 33-34" Waist) and deduct a number so it either a sharp 32" or a sharp 33"
Will check it out! Samples are a great idea :)
It's been a while since I've tried Attends. When you say too far up on your waist, do you mean just above the belly button or are we talking up around the ribcage? Sorry, different people have different definitions and I'm the kind of person that prefers his diaper covering his belly button.
I'm the same size as you and so far I've found the Comficare L10's to be the best I've had, the Tena Ultima comes in at second. The biggest issue I've found is getting the back to 'seal' around the bottom of my ass cheeks and that's where all others leak first, the Comficares soldier on! And they've been properly tested as being able to hold 5100ml!! You could empty your local reservoir and they would continue to absorb!
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