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Second Introduction

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Hey everyone,

It has been close to a year since my last post and so much has changed in my life that I kind of feel like a new person, so I figured I would do a second introduction.

About me:

I am a 23 y/o gay man. I live in Newport, Maine and have lived in Maine (not Newport) my whole life. I am employed at a college as the programmer and work remotely from home since I moved. I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who loves me for all of me. In my free time I like to do home improvements, take out my dr650 or four wheelers on the trails or the bike on the street (dual sport), or work on my truck. I like projects that keep me busy. I dont have a snowmobile now so during the winter I try to keep occupied indoors by doing work to the interior of the house, fixing up antique's mostly from the 30's-40's such as radios, fans, projectors, etc.. I also play Xbox some nights.

I am always looking for new friends either online or in person to be able to chat with and hangout so don't be afraid to message me.

What happened while I was away:

Some of you may remember the thread that I started about my (now ex) boyfriend and how some days he would tell me that I needed help and others he would tell me that he was fine with it (not really) and outed me to his friends and family and yada yada yada... What a mind f*** all of that was... I am so relieved that I am now done with all of that crap...

Last April I met an amazing man of whom I am now with. I moved out of my parents house and into his. Now that I have my own house I no longer have to hide what I like to do which is a huge relief. He also has many kinks and is very accepting and open to all of mine like it is nothing weird at all. He is not into diapers himself but recognizes that I like them and that they make me happy which is all he says he wants, for me to be happy. He even gets involved with changing me sometimes or making me wear and use them. I am free to wear them around him whenever I want and I don't feel embarrassed or ashamed like I used to.

Overall I feel much happier and free to live life as I want without being judged by my partner. I was even able stop taking my anxiety/depression meds which is probably from being able to relax and be happy. I don't really regret all the time I spent with my ex because if it wasn't for all of that crap then I probably wouldn't have met my partner and my life probably wouldn't be as good. :)

In the year that I was gone I broke up with my ex, met an amazing guy that loves me for all of me, moved out of my parents and live with my partner, and am now much happier and feel like a new person.
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Hello classicscrs and welcome back.
I'm glad that you're in a better situation now, and are happy. Welcome back
Welcome back! It's great that you are in a better situation now and we are happy for you!

That's cool that you like to do house-work stuff. My family is always watching HGTV and I wish I could be good at doing that kind of work. The most extensive work I have ever done to my room is paint and move things around, and that was just last week! :laugh:
Oh wow! I'm so happy things are going well for you! Welcome back! It sounds like you are super handy and stuff! That's so cool! Tell your nice new boyfriend that he's a super amazing guy!

Although, I guess you probably say that a lot already!
Thanks for the replies sawako and arietta!

Yea, I have been tinkering with stuff since I was around 3. There are home videos of me trying to "fix" the three-wheeler that my parents had at the time. Ofcourse at that age tinkering ment causing more damage but that is how you learn :p I also used to watch plumbing/electrical/building how-to videos on rainy days and road trips when I was 5 or so...

Yes, he knows how much I love and appreciate him. He also thinks my ex was a jerk for what he did.
welcome back to the forums, hope you enjoy being back :)
Also from my side welcome back:)
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