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Is there any difference in absorbency between the various abuniverse diapers? I tried my first SuperDryKids and it felt like my pee did not absorb quickly at all, even though I wasn't flooding and it was only a moderate wetting. I felt like I was sitting in pee, which I haven't had happen with other diapers. I wanted to try cloth-backed Cushies when they come out, but not if they aren't better at absorbing. Is there any difference between SDKs and Cushies on absorbency?
as far as I know there the same diaper with different graphics on the outer cover
so the absorbency should be the same
Just different covers. They work the same or at least they did a few years ago.
Pretty sure SDK and Cushies are the same diaper. I LOVE the cloth cushies, but only because of how they look and how the tapes function. Their absorbency level leaves a lot to be desired imo.
I've got both, and can say: yes, they are the same diaper with different outer coverings.
I can't see the cloth absorbency being much different. Only time they get bad is if you push it well past what they are actually meant to hold but that's true with any diaper.
They're exactly the same I think, in fact, I believe that every ABU product is the same base, just different graphics.
Can confirm: The base is essentially the same - very minute differences on the cut of all of the diapers. However - the absorption ability is getting increased gradually batch after batch - so the current SDK mediums have the highest SAP (super absorbent polymer) concentration out of everything we stock. The next shipment will be in by the end of the month, and everything on that shipment has the increase.

I agree that the wicking/pooling needs to be improved - I promise I'm working on it (it's been less than a month...).

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