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This is something i that need to rant about at my school as all people that could do something about it don't care.

Let me start by saying that my school has a problem with people using the remote shutdown feature to shut down other peoples computers. Lately people have just been using a batch file to loop the abort command for the shutdown.

Well i found out today that my school is now banning anyway caught with a batch file from internet/computer access.(they say the only batch files are viruses and that they consider this tampering....idiots) We have talked with the tech people and they say they trust the students not to use it....gee that why my computer shuts down every time I'm in the middle of working on something.(by the way Microsoft released a patch to stop non administrative users from using it but ounce again our tech people refuse)

So does anyone know how to stop this instantly with out a batch file you are given no warning before it shuts down so i don't really know of any other way than the batch file.
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