Save Express vs ABDL Factory

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hello friends

I was looking into ordering a very large quantity of diapers to import from europe to the USA.

Ive ordered from ABDL Factory before but was looking to save a few dollars and wanted to use Save Express.

I was wondering if save express is reliable or if i should just spend a few extra dollars to use a supplier i know will deliver.

Also if anybody knows if there is a way to get a very large quantity of diapers
(more than 20,000 (Wholesale)) i would love the opportunity to look into it.

Thanks all

Those are my two online stores i use on a regular basis. Both are great, if you liked abdl factory you're gonna like save express. Very similar with how they handle orders, i've always chose dhl with both and never had any problems.
Do you know how long DHL takes to get it to the US?
I don't know. I live in Portugal, it usually takes 5 to 6 week days to arrive here.
Walak said:
a very large quantity of diapers
(more than 20,000 (Wholesale)

Walak said:
was looking to save a few dollars

"Looking to save a few dollars" and "I'd like to buy 20,000 diapers at once" are not compatible.

If this is a serious question, you'd be better off buying cloth diapers. Vastly cheaper, easier to store, and available immediately from a variety of places.
Hi moo :D

Anyways yeah i just face a constant struggle of always wanting the newest and best diaper, and ungodly amounts of them.
I decided to order 10 bags of the old crinklz, 10 of the new crinklz, 10 bags of inspire, 10 of spoiled from save express.
Also got 2 cases of tykables from their website, 1 case of bellissimos from bambino, and a mix case from ABU of space and simple.

But now I'm sad cause i want the inspire + in control but really find it dumb to pay 60$ shipping on one case of them :(

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Merry christmas to me :)
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