Sanitary napkin in diaper

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I dont know if i'm in the good category for this topic or if some of you already have talk about this forgive me if its the case. I was wondering did some of use women sanitary napkin as a booster for there diaper. In my case i do it and this is so soft and comfy i realy love the feeling. I am wearing a tena super brief with 2 U BY KOTEX SECURITY* MAXI PADS, REGULAR as a booster. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1432681789.351574.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1432681797.586820.jpg
Sorry for my english its been a while since i write in english and i need a little bit of pratice
those'll work pretty well. only thing with them is the back tends to be waterproof so they don't soak through to the diaper when saturated.
I've never used one inside a diaper, but I used to use sanitary napkins like a diaper on occasion, quite a while ago. I'd use three maxi pads, ripping open the backs of the two that went on top.
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I will probably try baby diaper as a stuffer next time
baby diapers are great, also try true fit inserts.
Sanatary napkins where one if the first things besides t shirts I would put in my underwear. My mom had a bunch under one of our sinks that she no longer used so I would take one every so often and stick it in my underwear for a little sencastion.
I use to do some kind of diaper with sanitary napkin when i was little i just put a lot of them together and shape it like some kind of underwear made entirely with sanitary napkin and a little bit of duck tape
Looking back, I can recall actually putting many in my underwear (5+at a time) at a young age. I'm guessing this was to feel a similar sensation of a diaper, warmth and padding all over.
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