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Salutations from Upstate New York. I'm know as T-Hunter.

I've been quite reading the post for a little over a year now and final have decide to join.
Great T-Hunter! :) Welcome, we have a lot of fun here! Feel free to tell us a little more about yourself.. hobbies, favorite thing about being a DL or what got ya started in it!
I'm an IT technician looking to switch to CDL truck driving.

I enjoy PC gaming and Photography.

My favorite TV show is MLP:FIM ( not ABDL related).

I'm a Furry.

I guess I was an ABDL(unknowingly) since I was 5, I was fully potty trained but I would continually sneak into my grandmothers room and take 1 diaper like once per month and I did that until 7years old. From there in diapers still integer me but I did pursue any ABDL stuff. Around 14 I started putting toilet paper in my under wear and used that as a make shift diaper for a while and I would lose interest and regain interest over the years. During the summer leading into Senior year I final bought a package of good nights, as referred by some thread on this site. After that I was hooked and now wearing diapers in my free time. Though I travel out of town and buy store bought so that my house mates won't notice that I do this.
I also got into liking furry art styling through the ABDL community though I'm not a die hard Furry I do have a furry OC and enjoy quite a few furry things.
I'm also not a huge ABDL because of my house mates once again but would like to bring out the little/AB side of me a little more.

Sorry about the long Autobiography but hopefully that give you guys a better idea about me.
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