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Hi everybody, I'm a diaper loving, PC Gaming, furry, stoner and I'm currently a college student enrolled in a Electrical Engineering course. I have been interested in this forum and I love it so far. I seem to be a mostly introvertive person, which might be why it took me a while to introduce myself here.

I'm an DL that is more into being a diaperfur and love to see others with the same interests and hobbies I enjoy. I consider myself a furry, I'm also part of the Brony community. I love to make friends and very excited to make any. I'm a big PC gamer and I love to play alot of awesome Steam games, not playing as many console games as I once did.

Some hobbies I enjoy would be: gaming (of course), tinkering and building awesome circuits robots and various other hobbyist like things, bicycle riding and record (vinyl) collecting. In all honesty, this might the only thread you will see me post in, because I'll mostly be reading articles, but I could be attached to this forum and post more around here.
Welcome to ADISC!

It's ok to be shy here - you can post as much or as little as you wish. Many of us (myself included) are introverts and yet manage to post a few times.
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