Salutations from a newbie!

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  1. Little

poohbearprincess here! I am new to forums and to the community in general!

Just 5 shorts months ago, my wonderful partner told me he was a DL. We decided to keep open minds and hearts, and try exploring a DL side to our relationship. Fortunately, I not only accepted wearing for him, but really enjoyed our padded time together! Not too long after, he brought up the fact that I have some little personality traits. Being someone who has never heard anything about the ABDL community, I had no clue what that meant and rejected that notion. Eventually I began to accept myself, was able to regress, and now I'm proud to admit I'm a little and couldn't be happier.

Beyond little time with my dude, I enjoy playing soccer and cycling, playing board games, dancing, reading, and spending time at the lake among many other things that are currently slipping my mind.

I'm really looking forward to being active in this community and making many connections by posting in forums and on the Tumblr I share with my boyfriend (poohbearprincess)!

Not open for further replies.