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Just for fun, here are some sales descriptions of things I would want to be sold to my caregiver. I love to imagine matter-of-fact instructions for things I find really exciting.

Spanking items
“Little Stinger”: a flexible light plastic paddle, which can be applied to a naughty little’s hand or bottom. It provides a sting which only hurts for a short time, and will remind the little of who is in charge. Because this product can be used on a little’s hand, it can be useful in a place where it is not suitable to bare a little’s bottom. It comes in a variety of colours and designs, and is small enough to be carried discreetly. Safety: Care should be taken when smacking a little’s hand: this should be applied to the palm only, not to fingers or the back of the hand. May cause skin reddening.

“Slippers of discipline”: Every self-respecting caregiver, babysitter or disciplinarian always keeps a suitable item nearby to make sure a little knows who is in charge. As littles often spend time at floor level, they will see these slippers on your feet, and know that discipline is close at hand. These slippers are very comfortable for a babysitter or caregiver to wear: they are sensible black, with red uppers to remind a little of a red bottom. When the treated black rubber soles are applied to a little’s bottom, they can provide a range of sensations from a painful reminder that disobedience will not be tolerated, to a fiery bedtime spanking for a little who has transgressed enough to warrant a hot bottom to sleep on. Available in fully enclosed variety, or summer mule style, suitable for wearing and use indoors or outdoors. Safety: only suitable for use on the bottom. Apply to bare bottom for maximum effectiveness, and for ease of monitoring skin reddening. May cause tears.

“Big Bad Bear”: A little who has felt the burning pain of this solid wood paddle will remember the sensation for a long time. Shaped like a teddy bear, and made of dark wood, it will leave its burning impression on the cheeks and mind of a little who deserves to be punished. A mere few hard swats applied to the bare bottom will make any little think twice before disobeying in future. Safety: care must be taken when using this implement to avoid injury. Likely to cause tears.

Cage (I often dream of being locked in a cage by my caregiver).
Our range of round domed cages are useful for when a little needs to be safely locked up. Suitable for unsupervised playtime, role play, timeouts, making a little feel safe, or when emergency confinement is needed. A heavy base means that the cage will not tip over, and a range of circular rugs and blankets can be purchased to fit inside. Once the door is securely locked with the key, your little will not be able to escape. Choose from a range of bright colours, and from two heights: “tall” which means that your little can stand while in the cage, and “regular”, for which your little will have to sit or crawl. The key is required to lock the door as well as to unlock it, to reduce the chance of accidental imprisonment. Safety: although a caged little may be left unsupervised, you should always be able to hear them. This can be achieved with a baby monitor. The key should be kept on your person while a little is locked in the cage, so that they can be released quickly in an emergency.

Blindfolds (a central part of my little play).
“Easy shut-eye”: This comfy blindfold is great for introducing a little to the idea of not being able to see. Made of translucent fabric which goes over your little’s eyes, they can see the fabric itself, see shadows of what is happening nearby, and the outlines of objects and people, but not see detail of what is going on. If loosely tied, the little will be able to see their feet. A little can easily put on or remove this blindfold themselves, which they may find reassuring. Suitable for guessing games, trust exercises, a first step to helping a little one to overcome fear of the dark. Safety: a little should not be left unsupervised when wearing any blindfold, and this blindfold will not guarantee to obscure the little’s vision from secrets.

“Junior blindfold”: A darker blindfold which will take away most of your little’s vision, without placing them in complete darkness. Elasticated straps mean that the blindfold can be fitted snugly over your little’s eyes, preventing them peeping around their nose, or seeing their feet. Available in many colours, and suitable for most activities which require a little to be unable to see, meaning they have to use their other senses. They will still be able to tell if they are in a light or dark area, and if in bright light, they may be able to see the colour of the blindfold. Useful for littles who cannot be trusted to close their eyes, protecting littles from unexpected sightings such as skinny-dippers, resting a little’s eyes after excessive screen time, reducing stimulation before bedtime. Safety: Because of staring at one colour, a little's colour vision may be affected for a short time after wearing this blindfold: this is nothing to worry about.

“Magic Scarf of Darkness”: This innocent-looking brightly patterned scarf holds a secret. When it works its magic and comfortably covers your little one’s eyes, they will not be able to see a thing, or even to tell whether their surroundings are light or dark. This slightly stretchy, very opaque, and generously padded blindfold can be tied very securely round your little’s head, and can be snugly fitted around your little’s nose and cheeks to eliminate all possibility of peeping. Extra fabric strips mean that it can be tied not only at the back of your little’s head, but behind their neck, making it more difficult for the little to remove sneakily. If you give your little a spin, they will not know where they are. If your little has a vivid imagination, keeping them in complete darkness works wonders: if you tell them a story about a fantasy place, they will believe they are there. If you have a secret mission to carry out in front of your little, such as wrapping their presents, you can be sure they will not see what you are doing. If a little wears a Magic Scarf of Darkness for a long time, they can enter a trance-like and meditative state.
Safety: This blindfold can be very scary for a little, and should not be their first experience of being blindfolded. A useful benchmark is: if they are comfortable with wearing the junior blindfold for ten minutes or more, they are ready to try the magic scarf. A little should be told to close their eyes before you apply the magic scarf, as the scarf will hold their eyes shut, and the little will feel very thoroughly blind. Great care must be taken when removing the blindfold, to prevent the little from being dazzled: the lights should be dimmed if possible, the little told to make sure their eyes are closed, and to open them slowly after the blindfold is removed.
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