Safety Tips for AB/DL Websites


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Some basic safety tips:
  1. Be skeptical. While mommies/daddies and awesome people do exist, scammers exist too. If a person/offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Don't immediately take your conversation off-site. The #1 technique of scammers is to try to get you to talk to them outside of ADISC, where our moderators can't see it and can't protect you.
  3. Don't send them pictures of yourself early on. Especially stuff you wouldn't normally share publicly. It is a bad sign if they even ask.
  4. Never send anyone money. If they ask you for money, its almost certainly a scam.
  5. ADISC is designed for conversation and support, not arranging meetups. If finding a local meetup is your goal, you should primarily be using other sites, most especially a search engine, to find them. There are tons of them out there. If someone quickly asks to meet you in person on here (or any other normal site) that's a red flag.
  6. The best way to meet new people is through people you already know. When dealing with someone totally new, where you have no connections in common, be more cautious.