Safe and sound shipping diapers

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I just got my diapers a few days ago! I noticed I only had 14 of them which made me think I'm not gonna have enough to last me till Christmas! So... I went back on Amazon! (First I used my birthday money to exchange for Amazon gift cards) got $100 in Amazon money and got a green screen kit (because I very highly interest that). Then I got two moreboxes of diapers! My family knows I'm getting a shipment for a green screen. ( but it's not May a green screen it's a pack of 28 more diapers. And it's gonna be here in 3-4 days so I'm stashing a lot and I already know where their going! (In a forgotten place). And the green screen stuff is going in my room! I also ordered a pacifier so I really feel set to go! Though that is not through prime so anyway I can't wait and my family has no idea I'm up to this! But there's no way of finding out!
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