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Hello All,
So, after 10 years I'm changing jobs. I'm in grad school now and my new job is in line with that so I'm really excited... but also really sad. Some people at my current job have become like family. I'm really going to miss them.

What are some sad goodbyes you've had to make if you don't mind sharing?
I've had a few jobs that I got to work at for several years, & it was hard when I had to leave. I liked the people I worked with.

But probably the hardest for me was High School Graduation. I'm in a rural area. So the people that I went to preschool with, were the same ones I graduated with. People sometimes moved away, but no one new ever came.

It was really hard for me to realize the the friends that I'd seen daily for more than a decade, I wouldn't be seeing as often. I went through some pretty bad depression because of it. I went through other depressive periods during the summers of my high school years. It was a small school. Everyone knew each other. You'd have friends spread out in different grades. There'd be classes where freshman were with seniors, or people in grades above & below you were friends because they were a sibling of someone else you knew. All the teachers were someone's mom.

So yeah, each summer I'd go through some depression as I realized I'd just lost friends. It was really bad my senior year, & realized I wasn't just loosing my friends from a certain grade, but now I was the one leaving. I was leaving everyone at the school, & everything I was comfortable with.
I left a job where I had been the church musical director for 20 years. That was very difficult, and I had no job to go to. I was leaving a lot of people who I was very close to, a church family. It took several years to get over it.

College graduation was very difficult for me. There were only 400 students at the music conservatory I attended. I had a boyfriend who had just gotten drafted. There were two townie kids who came over to my off campus room every day. When I said good-bye to one of them, he cried in my arms. Later that night we had a party at one of the dorms. I was with all my close friends. We all got drunk and I was in tears, blabbing how I would miss Tommy and Corey, my two little townie buds. You know you have good friends when they all understand and console you. Music majors are a different breed. We have our faults, but we stay tight.

I have bits of Borderline Personality disorder, so saying good-bye is very difficult for me. I still stay in touch with my college SO by e-mail, and sometimes via phone. We will always be connected. If he were to die, the world would never be right for me. That's just how and who I am.
Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences! Very helpful! :smile1:
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