Rules Update & New Sexuality Forum


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Hello everyone.
Based on a discussion with the community about what you all want to see, I've updated the ADISC rules.

Check out the new rules here.

Changes you should be aware of:
1) Trying to make yourself incontinent is now considered self harm.
2) The personal ads rule has been relaxed a bit. "Looking for an X" threads are still not allowed, but "anyone in X" threads are now allowed.
3) The crotch shots rule has also been relaxed a bit. While they're still completely prohibited in avatars and profile art, we now mostly accept them in Media uploads and forum posts, so long as they're not sexually oriented and the poster is not uploading a ton of them.
4) There is now an explicit rule against posting your email address or phone number. Partly, this is for privacy reasons, partly this is to stop people working around the EC requirements to open a private conversation.
5) The "PG 13" rule has been replaced by a "no porn or other explicit content" rule. This allows discussions which are not strictly PG-13 (like about masturbation, chastity, other kinks, etc), but which which are still intended to be discussions, and are valuable in a support community like this. These sort of discussions are being moved to a new "Sexuality" sub-forum which you have to opt-in to be able to see. If you want to discuss those things, you now can, but you have to opt in. This also means anyone who doesn't want to see those topics can just set their preference to "no" and won't see them.
6) The "mature topics" forum has been renamed to "Politics" to make it crystal clear what that forum is for. You still have to opt in (and be a reasonably thoughtful, cool headed individual) to see it.
If you're curious about ALL the changes, I'd encourage you to simply read the rules again in full. It never hurts to be familiar with them.
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