Romper from Walmart. Com

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I am SO happy! I found a romper on Walmart. Com!! I am a plus size girl and got a size Large and it fits perfectly!! I love how babyish I feel with my pamper underneath. 🙂🙃👶
I'm glad you found something that you like a lot. Do you have a picture or a link to the Wal-Mart site?
Some of my favorite pairs of pajamas came from walmart and I have the entire set of Sesame Street underwear from there, They have a great selection of childish wear for adults. They come in larger sizes too. However I admit that most of my footie pajamas come from K-Mart, joe boxer makes some awesome footie pajamas and they go up to size 3x when they are in season and usually go on sale for Christmas.
My favourite jammies are little keeper sleepers.
I have lots of footie sleepers from there too!! They do great in the winter!! I wish I could get a little smaller and be able to buy 14/16 at walmart, however I do splurge every now and then at Justice for girls, they have a 18/20 size in clothing and I love it!
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