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*(From my Fimfiction Account)*

WARNING: Contains Hypnosis, and diapers....not my best story by far, but the only one that I could safely put on hear without risking getting in trouble) If you want to read more, please visit my Fimfiction account under "Brandon Babypup" Also, I am aware that there is errors, and quite a few actually, please do not be upset at me, this story took me over a year to create.

Two musical ponies stumbled out of the concert hall, giggling, and hooves in the air, despite the other ponies looking at them as they passed by. Even Octavia, the fancier of the two, as elegant as she was, felt a very bright and excited feeling elated by her playfulness.

It was about time that they both found a concert that they liked, something that was not to common from either of them, to their usual bantering on which music genre was better.

"Well, if i have to say myself, that how do I put this....."

Vinyl, the white deejay mare following Octavia leaned forward in anticipation. "That it was awesome?"

"Well, I wouldn't say it"

Vinyl leaned forward more.


"I KNOW RIGHT?!I could feel the music in my bones and....I know and the-the-the-the...and the....Oh my Celestia, that was so AWESOME!!!!!" stumbled Vinyl, the party deejay friend of Octavia. "We gotta go see those guys next year!"

Both of them squealed and bounced slightly, heading to the chariot stop for their ride home, talking on the way, not really wanting to leave, but on walking up to the bus stop they froze, the excitement very quickly dying down. Inside the ticket booth, stood an annoyed-looking stallion, picking up his gear and putting up a large sign that was quite universal.....A CLOSED sign.

The scene between them quickly changed, and Octavia's ears fell back, crestfallen, which of course, angered Vinyl to step forward, determined.

" believe that we haven't met. I'm Vinyl Scratch, the deejay of Ponyville. I would like to request a ticket before your shift is up."

The alicorn attendant glared and rolled her eyes in disgust at the sweaty ponies and started to close shop ignoring them at first before pointing rudely to a sign which showed the hours for them to read.

"Well! First of all, I don't 'serve' rude ponies like you, let alone, one who can't read a simple sign like that."

They growled at each other and Octavia face hoofed stepping between them and about to politely ask, but he just glared at her, not saying anything. Nervously, she stood there a moment and tried to get her thoughts together.

"Um.....sir? I hate to be of your time" she started. "But when is the next bus leaving?"

Finally talking, he shook his head. "I'm sorry, but the last one just left like, 5 seconds ago."

They both stopped, the sound of trotting hooves from the last carriage leaving.

"Hey wait! a minute! How come he listens to you but not to me?"

"Well sometimes you just have to be gentle Vinyl. Sometimes it helps to just calm down a little bit...." She turned back to the attendant with a little twinkle in her eye. "So, when's the next ride.

"Not until late tomorrow morning. I'm sorry but rules are rules. However, a Pegasus earlier told me that there was another carriage that runs late, but that is uptown past the park. "

Vinyl stood, dumbfounded at the information. Not only could they not get the carriage, but now they had to travel on they're tired hooves.

Both musical ponies could only droop they're ears as the attendant shut down, and disappeared into a back room, Vinyl being the first to break the silence.

"Come on Tav-tav. We gotta turn that pony frown upside down" she chimed in a sing-song voice, but Octavia turned her head shyly refusing to crack a smile on her silly voice. "That show was totally amazing. There was lasers and that bass and the light show....I couldn't believe it!"

She went quiet watching Octavia shudder for a moment and fall down.

"H.....HEY! Tavi! I....DOCTOR!! WE NEED A DO---"

But Octavia managed a little energy to cover Vinyl's mouth. "I appreciate you care Vinyl, but I'll be okay. I just need to lay down for a little bit."

The worried unicorn paused for a moment,and sighed, her eyes not leaving her fallen friend, lightly holding her back upright, pausing only to glance slightly to the side and flashing her horn and pulls over a stroller that was usually used for the park and Octavia tilted her head slightly as she felt another splash of weightless magic raise her up slightly, and didn't fight it at first but when she was placed inside the stroller, her head slightly leaned against the roof canopy, she started to squirm a little nervously.

"VINYL! What do you think you're doing!?"

Vinyl smiled for a moment, knowing that Tavi was already better if she could go back to yelling at her like that again, but could still see her hooves were so exhausted, that she kept them laid at their sides.

"Don't worry Tav-Tav. Nopony's gonna see."

"I'm....not........Tav-Tav! I'm Octavia Melody!"

"Oh, but come on, 'Tav-Tav' is an adorable name! An adorable name for an adorable stroller-pony!" Vinyl giggled, giving her a quick tickle.

Usually Octavia had defense to this. But from her unexpected exhaustion after the concert, rendered her hooves useless, leaving her to hold back a chuckle and squirm slightly.

"Who's a good pony?" Vinyl suddenly straightened up, and flashed her eyes blue a moment, multiplying her magic and causing Octavia to suddenly go quiet, staring almost past everything and into the distance.

"There you go....." Vinyl cooed softly, glad that her magic actually worked on her roommate. It was not common that she would have to use that magic, but she felt that tonight that it would be simple and it was necessary to make sure that she did not fall down again, like a pony who was still learning to walk. Even Vinyl admitted that it was absolutely adorable

Vinyl smiled and sat her down on the stroller and sighed in relief, absolutely amazed that it actually managed to fit her, although the top had to be left down. It all almost seemed laughable despite the embarrassment of the cute patterns traced around the fabric
"Wait! V---Vinyl!" Tavi squealed, but was held back by magic which lengthened the belts around her efficiently holding her back only to kick her legs as Vinyl kept up with her raspberries on her tummy careful to hold her down until Tavi was panting , all strapped in. Their eyes locked a moment and they started to settle, stopping they're playfulness to watch the moon together.

The moon seemed to shine quietly just for them , it's soft glow , embracing them with a serenity that neither of them could really describe . Octavia started to sink deeper in the comfortable stroller , not even questioning the fact of how foalish it was , but instead letting it be a way to rest her tired hooves after going to that concert . At least she wanted to go to see the singer for a long time , and now since she got that chance it almost exhausted her to the point of nearly falling asleep . Vinyl blushed a little and pet behind her ears softly and hugged her hoof , giving a little bit of more comfort to her .

"You know Tavi, It was actually really nice to go to that concert and do something that you enjoy...."Vinyl stuttered. "I....I mean, you always put up with my guff over at the apartment and all that but--"

Octavia hushed her, placing a hoof to her mouth. "Guff doesn't even begin to describe it silly girl." and she snuggled and smiled back, closing her eyes softly.

"Oh really?" Vinyl giggled mischievously and stood up on her hind hooves to push the stroller, slow at first and soon quickly picking up her pace. "And who said that I couldn't be of guff here?" and with one final push let go, leaving her strolling down the parking lot squealing in a mix of exhaustion and fear holding on for her life, only to have it stopped by Vinyl's magic half way down the walk.


Tavi started to get up and watched her roommate snicker to herself. "Meh, I was just having fun Tav-tav no need to cry like a lit---" but stopped right in her tracks and noticed something, straightening up as she saw that Tavi really WAS crying, and immediately ran to her side and helped undo the clips, whimpering with her ears down, but Octavia only looked away, refusing to make eye contact.

T-----Tavi..... I was just trying to be funny.... I... I only was trying to be helpful please don't be m...AHHHHH!!!” Vinyl cried out as Tavi quickly took the opportunity to push her into a puddle, but being fast, she grabbed her hoof back, yanking them both in and rolling off of each other soaking they're fur that was once so groomed for the concert, but at the same time cooling them off from the useless air conditioning that was there.
“Hey!That was a mean trick”

“So was yours silly deejay!”

Both laughed, and It wasn't long until Octavia soon was looking up at the stars, feeling a little more exhaustive by the second, glad to have this playful quality time spent with her roommate, but now since the night was over it made her want to question if she would even be able to walk home tonight, but thanks to being out of Manehatten, they lost contact with any carriages that might have been able to get her back to her house sometime before morning. Hopefully Vinyl had something figured out, but it all seemed to almost feel like a dream as she enjoyed the puddle beneath them, as the water seemed to evaporate, not really soaking into their fur. Vinyl stood up and saw her sleepy friend, realizing it isn't often where she gets to joke and laugh so much with her.
Standing up she fluffed her fur out and shook off lightly pulling Octavia out as well and stared in shock as he found she fell asleep, possibly a mix of the long night and the cool comfort of the fresh rain puddle, taking almost no time to reach into her backpack and pull out one of the blankets from the concert, drying her off lightly best she could while she held her closer, only pausing to listen to her calm heartbeat and almost tears up a little. Even her heartbeat seemed to speak musically.

Keeping her still and attempting not to wake her, Vinyl lightly raised her up over her shoulder to help carry her back to the bus stop, even though it was a few miles on foot at night, but not minding, as she knew that she was helping her out. Going up the sidewalk however, she remembered the stroller and laid her back in it and smiled at her as her head tilted off to the side almost as if dreaming peacefully back at home. It's almost funny how such a professional pony would come to rest, even if temporary on a soft ride home in a stroller. After thinking about it, Vinyl gave her the cool blanket that dried her and planned out a back road so that no one would question her on the way to the bus stop, or even worse, awaken her and bring her to much back to her senses. Part of this seemed funny and a little scary, feeling like others were watching, but out this far, she knew that things were completely okay.


SCENE: Returned Home
Tavi sniffed the air gently, taking in the smell from her bedroom. The smell of the lilies in the corner lightly wafting in the air conditioning and a distant smell of powder and lavender, to help ease her into her rest each night.The sun already sliding down over the horizon, and casting long and vivid shadows over Ponyville making her relaxing bedroom more vivid. She started to open her eyes, clinging to the familiar sheets of her bed, hardly remembering how she got home the night before, but only imagined how her roommate must have felt. All she could recall was a puddle, a stroller, and a happy-go-lucky concert. She blushed a little, holding her head and wobbling a little out of bed. Octavia less than gracefully stumbled and held back onto the bed with a little whimper, suddenly remembering the bed and gasps, pulling back the sheets, realizing with a heavy blush that Vinyl has put into consideration her secret bed wetting problem and looks away. “Vinyl!!” Tavi called, half heatedly, only to be met instantly with a blue flash and a familiar mare bouncing excitedly in front of her.

."Why are there um..............uh..........a bag of big mare's um....protective wear in my room? Better yet, what were you doing in my room?"

"Well......." Vinyl started with a small snicker. "Last rave I went to started as a simple diaper party and i got a little..hehe....out of hand and I accidentally brought them home a---"

Octavia crossed her hooves and Vinyl's smile quickly faded.


"One more try Vinyl, Try again."

"OH! FINE!! Okay, I was helping you back home last night and exhausted myself trying to help you into bed safe you were shivering so I wrapped you in my jacket" Vinyl looked away, bracing herself. "You know your problem and uh.....Let's just say my ...uh.......Jacket needs washed."

Terror washed over Octavia as she put two and two together, and she nervously sat down on the end of the bed shakily. "I......I.........I what?"

"I knew you would flip..." Vinyl sighed. "I was just trying to put it to you a little easier. I know you did this sort of thing, so that's why I made sure you had your bed pad ready....I felt I did a good job in ......" Vinyl quietened, realizing she was doing more damage than good and drooped her ears apologetically and looks down sitting on the bed hugging her teared up, embarrassed.

"Shhh.....I....I......I'm sorry.T...the truth is, that I went to the store after just so I can pick those up. Maybe they will help at know?"

"Thanks V..Vinyl" Octavia managed, straightening up slightly and sliding slightly closer again.".your a good friend, I'm sorry that you had to do that..."

Vinyl managed a little giggle to help lighten up the situation and stood up. It was not often where Octavia actually thanked her, and she took it as a relief. Careful not to push her luck, she turned and walked out of the door quietly without a word, going to the kitchen for a while rather than going over to her studio, giving her quiet and privacy.

"Well, if you're well enough to eat I got a little something waiting for you waiting in the dining room."
Vinyl left quietly, leaving Octavia to re watch the images in her head from last all seemed so real.....the stroller....the just seemed so real to her. Pulling back her covers and getting her balance,hardly daring to take a look back at her bed before stumbling to the kitchen. To grab her something to eat, but to her astonishment seeing the entire kitchen rebuilt.

Octavia stood there in the hallway, astonished at the room.

"Vinyl? what are you doing?"

Vinyl looked behind her a moment with a slight glimmer in her eye* "No you're not dreaming this time...just wanted to go ahead and take care of dinner tonight. I thought we could have a much more relaxed evening. rather than the drunken thumping last night at the concert. "
There before her, on the table was a extravagant decoration of silverware, chargers, and beautiful glasses glimmering in the low light of the room.

“B--but you have----the-t-the---the table!"

Vinyl playfully gasped. “Oh what is this? The table and the napkins folded up for a nice night? Oh silly Octy, this simply couldn’t be me.”

"I didn't even know you knew how to do this sort of thing, I mean this is spectacular, why..." But she was cut short, as Vinyl was holding one of her books on "How to be a fancy pony" and quickly blushed, snatching it from her. "Ughhhh, Vinyl, what did I tell you about going through my books? They're meant to be kept neat and organised......"

"Hey, I kept it clean don't worry bout a thing Tav. Besides, You do like it right?"

Octavia stood there speechless for a moment, listening to the gentle classical music and looking at the amazing tablecloth, trying to hold back the emotion that she had in her.Vinyl knew she loved it just by her shock and silence, feeling a little warm on the inside. The finest of dishes was out, and she could not even realize that it was even an apartment anymore. It was a peaceful getaway. Things was cleaned, fixed, and perfectly organised. Octavia smiled, thinking on how she could get used to this and trotted over to vinyl and gave her a big hug.
How can i repay you?? Octavia managed, keeping her best from bouncing in excitement.

"Just consider it a thank you for the concert" Vinyl sniffed, and started her horn, and held a pair of candles above it to light, which was placed in the center of the table giving a gentle glow and ambiance around the room, taking Tavi's breath away.

"Wh----what may I ask are we having?"she stuttered, wondering if she studied section 12 of the fancy book and the cooking recipes, still amazed on how she learned all this in a mere few hours that she was asleep.

"Hamburgers I got from down the street." Vinyl grinned, looking at Octavia's ears fold and pausing a moment for her reaction before holding up a beautiful meatloaf decorated with sprigs of spices in it, leaving them both to laugh in delight and sit down at the table.

It was not long until Octavia laid in her seat, struggling to find the energy to get up. It was almost as if she have not slept in weeks, but she knew that she had slept just a while ago. It must have been all the calories from the Vinyl’s scrumptious meatloaf. She swore that she hasn’t had food that good in a long time, and something like this isn’t like something Vinyl would do, but it didn’t seem to matter as she finally got up, Vinyl catching her stumbling with her magic right on the nick of time.
“Woah, there Tavi, slow down, where you off in such a rush.” Vinyl started, but paused when she saw the look on Vinyl’s face laughing that she must have stuffed herself way to much and sighed. “I tell you, you could easily have won an eating contest. I am gonna have to remember you liked that for next time we need to clean out the fridge.”

Octavia only nodded and got her balance again leaning on the table. “I really appreciate this Vinyl, It helped me get my mind off of other things, and now I can finally lay down for a little bit and relax.”

“You been relaxing all day Octy. Why don’t we enjoy the night a little more?”

Vinyl scratch pulled back her ears and gave her baby eyes that were absolutely heartstopping, giving a moment for Octavia to watch, who of course rolled her eyes and sat back down. “I am sorry Vinyl, I am just way exhausted, it is not your fault.”

“You must be the sleepiest pony in Ponyville! But hey, I cannot honestly say I had as bad as a night as you last night. Mabey you deserve the rest.”

Both ponies sat in the living room for a very long time and thought of what to say, the only sounds being the low air conditioning and the slight crackle of the glowing candle in the middle of the table, already burned down a quarter of the way.

"Um....." Octavia started, but was caught on her words from embarrassment. "Vinyl? May I ask you a personal question?"

“Absolutely. What do you need?”

" Vinyl, I know this is weird to ask, but I think I need….. I have been having trouble sleeping lately because of know what. I know you're a unicorn and your a friend of mine… so..” Octavia stopped a moment and lowered her voice. “I was hoping that you could help me sleep….”

Vinyl was taken aback for a moment, surprised that Octavia, the professional and defined pony who was almost always closed off, would actually be asking for a little bit of help sleeping.

“….wow, Octy, I did not think you would think of me of helping you this much. I thought well….” The look of slight sadness and desperation quietening her right away. “But what does that have to do with being a unicorn?”

“Well I had heard that unicorns were masters at…foaling better than any other--”

Vinyl straightened up nervously. “I would say I happen to be….um….familiar of doing s-such. I mean, that’s not something im sure you would want to get your clean hooves into, I mean, I got into a party once and I learned about---”

Octavia stopped her by putting a soft hoof to her muzzle, fighting the embarrassment back. “Please?”

Vinyl collected herself taking a deep breath and wiping her hoof over her horn as if thinking and concentrated on her breathing a moment and nodded. “I-- ...sure. I will do it, but you need to promise me you will not tell anyone. Were shutting the blinds, locking the doors, and nothing else going on. We need to keep this quiet. It's been awhile since I have done this.”

“Just please go slow.”

“I will Octy. I promise.”

Vinyl immedietly opened her hooves wide and pulled her closer to her chest, letting her adjust to the angle for just a moment, before encouragingly rubbing her back, letting Tavi's ear lay against over her heart, careful to monitor her own breathing to soothe her friend.

“You can always get hugs ANYTIME you need one Octy......" Vinyl paused and blushed, taking a sudden breath in and looked away. "I think that you just need someone to be here and let you know that everything is going to be okay and nothing is going to happen. You had a very long weekend. Just please lay down and relax."

Usually she would argue but couldn't. Vinyl's fur was some of the softest that she has ever touched. Even the strongest stallion would melt and become snugly if near Vinyl, and often at her gigs, they would try, but she saved it for only ponies that were extra special. Knowing that, Octavia exhaled in relief and sank into her hooves deeper.

Tavi laid back, still slightly uneasy. "I....Vinyl.....I can handle sleeping by myself I'm a big pony.....", but she only got a quiet chuckle in response as vinyl rubbed her belly, she knew that Octavia was not even half serious, but it was cute to hear that.

Vinyl chuckled, rubbing Octavia’s soft belly in little circles and kissed her on the forehead before using her magic to float over one of the thicker diapers over to her friend, who immedietly looked away. It touched her deep inside really, but they trusted each other so much, and quite frankly, Vinyl done much crazier things than that. Mabey it was to relax and let things go after all. As if on command however from her expression, she stopped and dropped it on one of the pillows across from them out of view.

as if on command, Vinyl stopped right away, setting it down and holding her friend's hoof.

"S..Sorry" She lied. "I was handing it to you. Sorry for getting carried away and ...Hey, um....Tav-Tav....About the...

Octavia was to lethargic to deal with it, shy to make contact with Vinyl's loving gaze. "Please, call me Octavia."

"Okay, Octavia about know...diaper thing....I know you been under a lot of stress lately and i just wanted to apologize for my behavior.. I just wanted to help you because, well, I knew that you were scared about the whole thing and I was hoping that having a friend that's there for you to help you and be there would maybe help you out....I..."

I just don't want to be, you know, ....overdependent.”

Vinyl positioned her soft hoof on Octavia's tummy and hushed her softly,as Octavia hugged her close as if she was a stuffed animal. "Your not over dependent Tavi, I promise....I will never tell anyone. And nopony else will find out okay....No one will judge you on my watch."

Octavia sighed again, realizing that she was safe in Vinyls warm fur, and fought back tears but Vinyl picked up on it almost right away, but kept talking in hushed, slow whispers. Vinyl always had this motherly side to her, She rarely admitted to her fans that she had a soft motherly side, but was always overprotective and kind when she saw ponies sick or upset. One moment she could be signing autographs, and the next she could be giving concert money to a homeless pony at the side of the building. Always helpful, but not wanting to take credit for it and to distract ponies with music they love, it’s all in the life of the soft mare...and defiantly the way she was acting today as well.

"You shouldn't bottle it up your emotions sweetie..Tell you what. Maybe I could help you get sleep first before I do this?....I am a unicorn after all."

Octavia paused and got a small chill at her motherly talk, knowing that unicorns were often seen as the masters of sleep therapy, often implementing they're downy fur and gentle magic. If anyone could be trusted to help her she guessed it was going to be her roommate.
not knowing what else to do, Octavia experimentally snuggled her cheek into Vinyl's chest and began to naturally purr, relaxing the both of them.

"There you go........" Vinyl whispered. "I'm here for you......mommy Vinyl's here for you......."

Usually embarrassed by that, Octavia would just kick her out of her room and ignore her, but lately she needed the snuggles. Vinyl began to gently pat her bottom softly, causing Octavia to blush at first, but soon following the slow rhythm and started to almost fall asleep, Her gestures obviously starting to illustrate her exhaustion.

Vinyl hushed her roommate softly and smiles " somepony getting a little sleepy? Nothing can harm're safe here...I promise....and like you said, sometimes you gotta be gentle."

Octavia smiled softly and curled her front hooves over her chest and head tilted, almost entirely falling asleep in the warmth of Vinyl's encouragements and putting her right on the brink of sleep before allowing her to lift her back hooves gently with her magic, since she was to relax to respond.

Vinyl took a breath in and slipped the diaper under the sleepy pony before her, wishing that she was able to sleep that easily sometimes, but knowing that she was helping a friend, taking one more look sympathetically before folding the diaper expertly around her and rubs the tabs closed, careful not to make too much noise that could possibly wake her, cooing at her. She hushed her roommate softly and petted her tummy softly

"V...V---" Octavia stuttered, her speech faltering almost unable to speak.

"I got you Tav-Tav....I got you....Just close your sleepy little eyes...let mommy vinyl take control.....I can help you sleep....go ahead sweetie.."

Octavia could not find the energy to blush. "T-Take control?"

"Yes...Control. But don't worry, you're safe. I gotcha...Such a good girl.."

Octavia had to crack a smile, she didn't even really know why, it just seemed to have happened on it's own. "I'm a good pony?"

"Such a good pony, doing a little better my little tav-tav?"

Octavia's head tilted to the side and Vinyl held her closer to her heart whispering and giving her body a slight rocking motion. "Now listen to me please Octavia."
Vinyl gently tapped her hoof on the floor and watched as she snapped into attention, but head still tilted against her heart. "Are you listening now?"

Octavia nodded, unable to speak.

"Good. Now we're going to play a little game, and I know how little ponies like you love playing games. Here is how it works. When I call you 'my little tav-tav' you will want to listen to me and relax deeper, sleeping quietly like a baby who has just had a long day of play. Like a baby that was snuggling in mommy's arms for a long time, all nice and warm right?" She lowered her voice tremendously to where it was barely audible and thought for a moment, realizing she never really controlled Octavia's mind before. Technically, she could do a little hypnosis and make her finally deal with the loud dubstep she plays, repair the dishwasher speakers, or go to the 'Wubathon parade' in East Canterlot next week, but soon decided to stay caring and keep on topic.

Even the room around her not daring to make a sound and Vinyl looked into her roommates, tranced eyes."You're now the absolutely cutest, most lovable, cuddliest baby sleep for mommy my little tav-tav."

Without even thinking twice, Octavia's head tilted sharply forward, before laying back in Vinyl's hooves, cradled in them in silence and breathing slow and controlled, and completely asleep. Vinyl had to hold her breath a moment and take in the cuteness, and the astonishment that her magic worked so well, still rocking slow.

Octavia curiously reached over to the pillow and giggled, managing to capture one of the tabs of the night diaper tabs from the one they put earlier there and pulled it over looking at it from al angles as if she never saw it before, and looks up with the cutest sad eyes to Vinyl holding it up for her.

Vinyl leaned forward and laid her roommate back on the bed and smiled. "Now when I say "My little tav-tav you're going to be a good little girl and stay still for Mommy Vinyl so we can change your..." Vinyl nervously cleared her throat and concentrated deeply, before gently tugging the padding from her roommate.. "cute little diaper…. You will want to wear one of these and not want to question it. Right? You want to wear it for Mommy Vinyl. Something nice and thick to make sure you stay dry at night...or mostly dry. In fact, on that topic, you want Mommy Vinyl to sleep well, so you will wear only a night diaper and t-shirt at night because Mommy needs her sleep too. Just like baby does. Does my little tav-tav like her cute wittle diaper?”

Vinyl shook it off slightly uncomfortable saying that as the words hit Octavia like a train, echoing deep in her mind, so much that it knocked her out of trance for a second or two, only to get sucked back down gently, distracted by exploring her ‘new’ hoof. VInyl leaned forward and kissed Octavia's forehead.

"Good baby pony."

Octavia would usually never allow it, but quite honestly, it was the best feeling that she ever had. she never wanted to leave, as it was like a wonderful symphony of bliss. She was a good baby pony for Mommy Vinyl, and that is all that she wanted. No pain, no confusion, no fear, Just Vinyl and her.

"Lift up your little hooves sweetheart." Vinyl cooed. "Lift up your cute little hooves."
She tapped her hoof on the floor again, the sound causing Octavia to gracefully obey.
"AWWWW, Lookit wittle Tavi. She's such a good pony for listening to mommy....mommy Vinyl."


Vinyl lit up like the ever forever green tree. "Yes! Mommy! Good girl for learning."

Octavia laid back and started to giggle, finding interest in her hooves as if she had never seen them before. They were hanging above her like a mobile, and were so close to her reach. If only she could grab them.

"And you have such a pretty little tail too. Oh, look at it. It's so poofy....and quiet." Vinyl whispered. "Do you like it when mommy Vinyl whispers in your tiny pony ears? Me too Tav-Tav.....My little Tav-Tav can rest her ticklish hooves now.

Octavia smiled and laid down her hooves, her bottom lying on the thick padding of her diaper and relaxed, looking down shyly. trying to hold back slight tears again.

"Awww, Tavi...p...please don't cry....when you cry, I cry. I don't think you want to see me cry...." Vinyl put her hooves in front of her eyes and made soft sobbing sounds, peaking the curiosity of her roommate tremendously, who tried to look around to find Vinyl, unable to see her since her eyes were covered. Octavia paused and copied her movement, thinking she was playing peekaboo, but soon fell asleep from the darkness. When Vinyl heard her snoozing, she uncovered her eyes.

"Gotcha little one." Vinyl giggled, and pulled the diaper up between her hooves happily occasionally stopping to kiss her tummy. "Your such a sleepy girl. You must have been playing with your stuffed cello alllllllllllll day. Such a good learning pony. deeper......deeper.....slower for mommy soothing. You like mommy's soothing voice...shhh..

Vinyl laid down Octavia very gently on her cool bed and watched her..

Octavia was pulled even deeper with each hush at Vinyl's low, calm voice, still stuck in dreamland, hooves pulled up to her chest while she was changed. Even Vinyl had to admit that the diaper looked actually pretty comfortable if she had to say so herself, though that she never tried one before.

"Now when I tap my hoof, I want you to wake up ever slowly. So slow in fact that minutes feel like hours. I want you to slowly wake up. So adorable.....You will wake up refreshed and calm after I...." Vinyl stopped to yawn, getting a little tired herself. "I want you to wake for me my little tav-tav. ONE. TWO. THREE."

She tapped her hooves and smiled.

Octavia laid there peacefully dreaming and her ear twitched, signaling that she heard the command, slowly starting to wake.

"Sweet dreams my little baby."